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Custom Gold Wedding Band Lost In Lac Ste Anne Lake, Gunn Alberta,

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

Megan called me yesterday afternoon requesting my service to locate her husband’s custom gold wedding band lost in the lake.  After asking Megan my usual questions I agreed to drive out.

I meet Megan at her cabin and we drove down to the boat launch.  Megan showed me the area off the dock where the ring could possibly be as her husband, Stephen, had been kayaking and when he returned he capsized the kayak in approximately 3 feet of water.  Stephen discovered his wedding band had fallen off his finger into the lake.

Megan and Stephen seached the lake bottom for two hours with no luck! I searched along the dock where they said the ring could be and all I was finding was trash. I could see on Megans face when I scooped the junk up how disappointed she was.  She was slowly loosing hope that the ring would not be found.

Megan had taken photos of Stephen in the kayak, he had the ring on and he was close to the dock where he had tipped the kayak.  After studying the photo I was convinced the ring had fallen off around fifteen feet away from the dock and not close to the dock.

I expanded my search outwards and recived the sound I had been looking for!  When I reached down with my pin-pointer, it was Stephen’s ring! Megan was over the moom that I had found his ring and that it was back on his finger.

Thank you Megan and Stephan, for entrusting me to find your ring.