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Two Silver Rings Lost in Sand .. Newport Beach, CA. .. Found

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Late in the afternoon Zach called, his girlfriend had lost two silver rings in the sand. She did the sunscreen trick. Take the rings off to put them on the towel while applying sunscreen. Then forgetting to put them on. I believe that there is something in sunscreen that makes people forget to pick up their rings. This is probably the number one ring loss story on our beaches.

I asked where he was and if he could meet me there at lifeguard tower 32 in Newport Beach. No use talking on the phone when I could be there in 15 minutes. We met where he had the area well marked. A few swings with my XP Deus and both rings showed up in my sand scoop. Zach said he waisted a couple hours trying to be the hero that found the rings. He was the guy that found TheRingFinders website and called me. Took a few photos then headed home to surprise Paige by returning her rings.

These short searches are nice, especially after having two other searches this week that were more than five hours each without success. We can’t find them if they aren’t there. It kind of averages out. I like to call it like winning the lottery. Our odds of finding a lost ring are better than the lottery but you have to try. Plus sometimes you can help by eliminating an area so the person can search other locations.

Lost Class Ring Found On Beach in North Wildwood, NJ

  • from North Wildwood (New Jersey, United States)

The class ring was found! I received a call from Dieter, owner of the Fishtown Pizza Truck, that Darby had lost her ring on the beach in the sand. The family was happy the sentimental ring was found!