Tungsten wedding ring found in Washington park - Denver, Colorado

  • from Denver (Colorado, United States)

Joe Gaughan was preparing to play in a volleyball tournament when he plut some sun block on to protect his exposed skin. While doing so he placed his Tungsten wedding band into his pocket of his shorts so that he wouldn’t loose his ring. After playing a couple of games he realized that his ring was gone from his pocket. Both teams stopped playing and got on their hand and knees and searched the court in a organized directional search. No ring was found and tournament had to go on.

Joe is a personal friend of mine and so he texted me that afternoon explaining the situation. We met at the location of the tournament the following Monday afternoon as Joe could not get away from the office till lunch time. He explained the events that took place around the loss of  the ring one more time and took me to the locaiton of the volleyball court. I tuned my detector and within a few minutes Joe had his ring back on his fingure.

Ring recovered June 28, 2011.

Joe happy to be holding his wedding ring. Joe's Tungsten ring

Joe's Tungsten ring

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  1. Chris Turner says:

    Great job Jeff, nice to see the big smile…

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