Ring Found! Oakton, Virginia - April 2017

  • from Fairfax (Virginia, United States)

Got a call this morning around 9AM…

Martin, the caller, is on a family trip from the Philippines, he is visiting and staying with extended family in Oakton, Virginia. As the story goes, after a family get-together yesterday, his family gathered in the back yard in front of the pond for a family photo. Martin had removed his wedding ring and placed it in his pocket just before the photo. Just after the pictured was taken, Martin pulled a Kleenex out of his pocket to hand to his wife… later he realized his ring was no longer in his pocket and must have flung out when removing the Kleenex. He and his family searched the grounds thoroughly, but could not find the ring.

Today was his last full day in the area, he begins his journey back to the Philippines tomorrow morning and could not stand the thought of leaving his wedding ring behind. He did a quick internet search and The RingFinders pointed him to me. I got the address (my gear always at the ready) and made my way to Martin.

I arrived and was introduced to the wonderful family. I had Martin show me the area where they had gathered for the photo, and I gridded off a search area. Within an hour my machine revealed the rings grassy hiding spot… I motioned to Martin that his ring is found and snapped a photo for the book of smiles as he placed the ring back on his finger.




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  1. Martin says:

    Again, thank you very, very much, Earl! I’m back in the Philippines now and I’m so happy I found your profile that day. While I don’t wish for other people to lose their ring like I did, but if they ever do, it’s reassuring that you’re there to find it!

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