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Lost Ring Found Canon Beach

  • from Seaside (Oregon, United States)

It was about 3:15 Saturday June 19th. I am working the beach looking for a lost ring when I get a text from Peter. Peter states that he is in Canon beach and that he has lost his wedding ring. He asks me if there is any way I can get over there to look for his ring. Since I was on a call already I told him that I couldn’t look for it tonight because I had to go to work. I wouldn’t be off until 7 in the morning. So I told Peter that as soon as I get off work I would go to the coordinates that he had sent me.

The next morning at 7am I realize the I had forgotten my scoop at my house so I text peter and let him know I was going to be about 20 minutes late. Peter replied and stated he wasn’t going to be able to meet me until 8 anyways so all was good. I run home walk inside and look at my wife sleeping and I envy her. But I am true to my word and give my wife a kiss and grab my scoop and make a beeline to Canon beach. I stop at the store grab a Redbull and make the 30 minute trip to Canon beach. I hit town and hope that I can find a parking space. to my surprise people like to sleep in while on vacation. Who would have thought? I have no problem finding a spot to park my truck. By this time it is 7:40 I grab my stuff and make my way to the coordinates I was given.  Realizing that I couldn’t have parked farther away if I tried I finally get to the spot. I put my thing down on a piece of drift wood and survey the area. with a sigh of relief not seeing any black sand anywhere close to me I think to myself this should be a piece of cake compared the night before.

I wait about ten minutes for Peter to show up. After introduction I ask Peter to give me a general but narrowed down approximation to where I should start looking. I asked If he had marked it in anyway to know where about it was lost and Peter states “I made a little X in the sand” I kind of giggle to myself and tell myself that is what I get for thinking this will be easy. Peter looks around for a few minutes and says I thin if you start here it should be close. So I ask more question about how far north, south east and west it could be. So about Fifty feet by feet feet area he says “I am pretty sure its in there. I begin to Swing my Equinox 600 with a 15” coil in a 2 foot back and forth marking the area as I go so I know where I have looked. I make a grid so I don’t miss any area I cover back and forth the whole area only getting two hits that whole area. one being a key and the other a tent stake. About a two hours have passed and I keep going back and forth, side to side with nothing more to show.

While I am swinging I keep a eye on Peter because he is walking around looking worried pacing looking for a granola bar wrapper that he saw on the ground really close to where he lost it. Finally peter comes over to me and says I think we are in the wrong spot. I say ok where do you think I should try next? Peter states that he is pretty sure that we need to go south about 20 more feet and gives me an area about the same size as before. I mark the corner where I start this round and get at it. After a couple passes Peter comes up to me and says he has to go check out of his hotel and start heading home. I shake Peters hand and I tell him I am going to stay out here for a couple more hours looking. So off Peter goes obviously dejected and probably more worried about chewing out that his wife had in store for him. So I continue making  a pass to the north in the distance seeing Peter fade out of sight. About 20 minutes pass and people were starting to put up chairs and kids were digging hole real close to where I was going to search. I turn to the south and start swinging about 5 feet away from where a family is now sitting in chairs and digging with there kids I get a solid signal. I take my scoop and take a bit out of the sand and pull up the scoop to sift it and I see it on the ground turned up by the scoop. I reach down and grab the ring ang walk over to where my thing were placed on the drift wood. I grab my phone and Peter had text me about five minutes before with a picture of what the ring would look like if I were to find it. No doubt that this was his ring! I text Peter and told him I found his ring. “Holy S#*t” Peter say then Says “I am turning around I’ll be there in 5”. As I sit and wait I see Peter coming with the biggest smile ever. What a great feeling to make someone smile that big. As soon as Peter gets to me I hand him the ring and he puts it on his finger and gives me a big hug. Words cant express the feeling you get when you can help out someone!

Thanks for reading until the next find!!

Cheers Gabe


  • from Perth (Australia)
Ash and his family were enjoying the beach until just as they were leaving he had picked up his towel and sent his ring flying..
After realising that ‘looking’ for it wasn’t going to find it he resigned himself to getting the wife and kids home and consulting uncle Google for help. Google loves Ring Rescues and duly obliged him with my number.
When I got the call from Ash I asked if he could meet me back at Mettams Pool shortly. He’d said he could and (like so many others) swore he could put me right on the spot.
An hr or so later as we both looked down to the beach, I said to Ash “crikey” as the area was covered in people-lution!
Ash led me among the beachgoers to his ‘spot’ where we set about explaining the ‘dire situation he would be in with the wife if he were to return home without his ring, etc to the people there and luckily most were happy to help in moving here and there as I used my metal detector search the area.
Having not found the ring where it should be and not wanting to upset everyone’s day I suggested we take a break until people started to leave the beach for the day.
We returned later and I began extending the search area to the south. About 15 mins later I heard a loud but soft edged double tone in my headphones which was even in both directions and had a target I.D in the range I predicted for his ring so I called out to Ash.. “I reckon this is it.. or someone else’s!”
I waited till he arrived and sank to his knees beside me before I pulled the old ‘slow reveal’ trick.. I sweep away a layer of sand, no ring.. another layer, no ring.. another and a smile erupted on Ash’s face as we both saw the edge of his ring appear in the sand.
Then it was high fives all round (we’d drawn in a couple who’d watched the earlier search as well) and as you can see in Ash was pretty chuffed about it all.
It’s why I love what I do, that moment right there.. all the best Ash and co!

Valuable lost keys in farm field recovered and returned in Garnett Valley, PA

  • from Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, United States)

Received an email from Patrick from Garnet Valley, PA on Monday, July 6, 2020. He had found me online via the Ring Finders Directory after searching for hours for some lost keys. I called him and he told me that he was about 1/3 through mowing his 5 acre farm field when he noticed the tractor keys were no longer in the ignition. Its an older tractor and it continued to run with out the keys so he had no idea at what point they fell out. Patrick’s biggest concern was not just the tractor key…there were 11-12 other keys on the ring that were quite simply important and irreplaceable to him. Since it was probably a 2-3 acre search area I called my bud and fellow Ring Finder, John Favano, to help in search. We hit it yesterday and when we got there the search area was intimidating in size and scope. We called Patrick to pick his brain about where he noticed them missing and the search area boundaries. John and i detected in a side-by-side counter clockwise formation and about 45 minutes into the search….BINGO! To say Patrick was surprised to get his keys back is an understatement…he was sure they were goners! The relief in his voice upon having his keys returned made my day. 

Lost gold ring found at Vanderbilt Beach, Naples, Florida

  • from Marco Island (Florida, United States)

While swimming at Vanderbilt Beach on Sunday 4/22/18, Michele suddenly and unexpectedly felt one of her beautiful 14k gold rings come off her finger.  For nearly two hours dozens of people, some from her group and other swimmers nearby, frantically searched the crystal clear water with masks and snorkels, but could not find the lost ring.  Despite incoming tide and increasing wind and surf, Michele did the right thing, she made note of several reference points and calmly remained in place while others sought help and arranged for location services.  Upon my arrival Michele described the ring and we carefully reviewed reference points, both of which made for a quick and successful recovery.  Notwithstanding use of $3k+ in search equipment, I found the ring within seconds, mere inches from where she was and had remained standing.  A picture is worth a thousand words…

Found lost gold ring

14k gold ring

Search party

Lost silver ring in snow… ‘Miracle on Water St” Guelph, Ontario

  • from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)

Received a phone call inquiring if I can metal detect in snow for a lost ring. Of course I said yes. I was unable to make the time frame and sent a local & newly recruited ring finder member Glenn Boles.

I arrived an hour later and offered my assistance.

The client had just left. With-in 10 minutes of her leaving I located her Friend’s missing silver ring. Glenn & I called and asked if she could come back. She offered to bring coffee’s too.

We recreated the motions of finding her Friend’s lost ring. She was overjoyed and advised she will surprise her Friend Christmas Day. The ring was very sentimental.

Here’s the video https://youtu.be/c94a4FdmXWU