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Lost Silver Ring at Haleiwa Beach……FOUND

from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

I was at our Summer family picnic on the North Shore of Oahu and brought my detector for a spin in the shallow water. I found two bling rings and a silver bracelet and was heading back to the picnic for some refreshments when I ran into Katherine and her husband sitting in the shallow water. As I approached I commented jokingly that they didn’t need to move out of my way unless they lost some gold. Katherine said, “Actually I lost my two leaf silver ring a little while ago”. She wasn’t sure when or where exactly it came off but I figured I’d see if the Excalibur could sniff it out. A few yards down the wave curl and I got a screaming silver tone and my scoop had to chase that tone about four times as the waves were crashing and throwing it about. I finally snagged the target and in my scoop was the two leaf ring. I yelled over to Katherine describe that ring again…Is this it? She gave me a huge smile and a warm Thank you. Aloha to Katherine.



Lost Wedding Band at Kahala Beach…………FOUND!

from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)


I saw the following craigslist ad:

Men’s Wedding Ring Lost @ Kahala Beach (Honolulu)

Please help! I lost my wedding ring in the shallow water off Kahala Beach. It’s a white gold band, with a turquoise wrap, next to a Koa Wood wrap. I can offer a small reward of $25 for the honorable person who finds it and returns it to me. It’s a non-expensive ring valued at $50, but it has a lot of sentimental value to me. We were off 4771 Kahala Ave beach access. If you walk towards the ocean and you get to the beach, go left a little ways from the beach access, I lost it in the shallow water there. Mahalo!!

The surf finally settled down on the South shore so I took my daughter Korin and wife Wendy to the beach so I could take a shot at finding Sean’s Wedding ring. Kahala Beach has a lot of metal trash so my odds would be hampered trying to sort through the chatter. Sean gave good location data so I started my search at the beach access and worked to the left. My first target was a Dog named “Tucker” who lost his collar. That will be an easy return as it has two owner phone numbers. On the ninth leg of the grid search in waist deep water I got that tone and there was Sean’s beautiful ring. Now if he answers my craigslist reply we’ll get him his ring and a smile!!!

I finally got to meet Sean today at Kahala Mall to give back his ring. He told me he had just put sunscreen on and was paddling with his hands on a float when the ring popped off. He thought for sure he’d never see it again. I’m just glad it was in the sandy area versus the rocks which would have been nearly impossible. Smiles all around. Aloha to Sean!

Lost Rubies & Diamonds Gold Ring at Kuhio Beach Park Waikiki…..FOUND!!!

from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

My fellow ring finder Don Bryant called and said a lady named Soraya had lost her ring at Kuhio Beach Park and that he was still unpacking from his trip so he referred her to me. As soon as I hung up the call came in. Soraya explained to me that she had lost the ring the evening before as she was playing with her children in waist deep water. Don & I both told her that Sergei the Russian detectorist that cruises the beaches every morning could very well of found it and our probability of finding her ring was very low. I told Soraya that I would give it a shot and could be there in 30 minutes. We met at the pier and she walked me to the area she was playing in the water. We marked an extreme East & West point and I started my search. It only took about 30 minutes and all I found was a Memorial cent and half a pull tab in the wet sand. I told Soraya the water was sterile of any metal and to look at her markers and asked if I had to go out one of the markers should I go more East or West. She looked towards shore and said I think a little more towards the Church which is to the West. I continued on and then on the third leg outside the original marker I got the “Growl of Gold and Stones”. A gentle scoop and there was the gorgeous White Gold ring with rubies and diamonds. I looked up and Soraya was no where to be seen. I’m thinking did she give up on me? I happened to spot her son playing in the water and asked him where his Mom was…she had gone up on the beach where I couldn’t see her. I told him to tell her I think I found her ring. Her daughter came running down and said let me see…let me see. Oh yes that’s my Mom’s ring! Soraya arrived and I held the ring out in the palm of my hand. That’s it how amazing…where actually was it? Actually it was in a lot closer to the beach then she imagined it would be. We figured she was playing during high tide and didn’t realize how close to shore she had been. I’m so glad we extended the search in the correct direction and Sergei missed this one. Chalk one up for “The Ring Finders” Aloha to Soraya.

Lost Gold Wedding Band at Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki……FOUND!

from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)



I got a call from Ken while at work and he wanted to know if I could look for his ring at Hilton Hawaiian Village. He lost the ring two days prior and that area is one of the most detected areas in Waikiki. My fear was someone already found it and he would never get it back. The surf has been pounding the South shore so there was a chance the regular Waikiki detectorists might have been taking a break. I told Ken I would meet him after work and give it my best shot. We met at 4PM on the beach and I was elated to find out Ken had lost his ring in the rocky area of the beach. That area is very difficult to detect in as there are many large coral rocks and most of the detectorists avoid it. Ken explained that he was in no deeper than 4 feet of water and between two coral outcroppings on the shoreline. So I went to work. Unfortunately I only found coins, pull tabs and a bottle cap. I asked Ken lets think this over where did you spend the most time? He said probably in the sandy area near the wave break where he was getting thrown around. I said OK I’m going to concentrate there and not go into the rocky area. An hour had already passed and I could see the anxiety on their faces. I needed to find this ring. I started a wave curl search as the surf was pounding the shore. On the return leg a little farther into the sand at the half point between Ken’s marks I got that beautiful “GOLD” tone. After two scoops I saw a ring. I motioned Ken over and asked him to describe the ring again please. White gold with two rose colored bands going through it he said. Sure enough that is what was in my scoop. I pulled the ring out and handed it to Ken. You know that look we treasure so much well Ken was beaming with joy that I finally found his ring. I found out from talking to Ken and his lovely wife Malette that they had just gotten married and only had the ring for a day when it was lost. What a happy ending to a wonderful vacation in Hawaii. Aloha to Ken and Malette.

Lost Gold Wedding Band at Lanikai Beach Kailua…….FOUND!

from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

segmented ringYuko1

I just got home from work on Friday when the phone rang and Hiroko asked if I was immediately available to recover a ring in Kailua at Lanikai Beach as the couple was flying out that evening. I told her I could be there in 30 minutes or so and she explained the situation. Her friend Mariko had guests visiting from Japan and her lady friend Yuko dropped her Gold Wedding Band in the sand. Mariko was going to meet me at the beach access lane and would show me the approximate location the ring was lost. I asked my wife Wendy if she wanted to come along and she did as their is a really nice shopping mall on that side of the island we hadn’t been to in ages. So off we went. Another helpful tool my wife has GPS on her smart phone and helps me get to the out of the way locations. We arrived in record time and Mariko introduced us to Yuko and her husband who had been looking for the ring for several hours already. When we arrived on location the area was half sand and half leafy rooted plant cover. This was going to be a challenge. Yuko boxed off the area and I began my search. I think every pull tab and bottle cap on Lanikai Beach ended up in this ground cover. After about twenty minutes and numerous tabs, caps and 11 cents I got an unusual growl on my Excalibur. It sounded really weird. As I made a scoop I noticed a bottle cap loose in the sand where I just dug in. I bent down and picked it up. As I made another scoop to the other target a glint of Gold could be seen in the scoop. As I reached into the scoop and pulled out the ring I glanced over at Yuko and tears were streaming down her face. Her husband was bowing at my feet saying “Arigato” over and over. Actually, I was overwhelmed and said please stand up and just give me a hug Hawaiian style. Their appreciation was over the top. I won’t soon forget this find. Aloha to Yuko and her husband!

Lost Gold Wedding Band at Waikiki Beach…….FOUND

from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)


While I was on my lunch break eating Spicy Ahi Don with my daughter Asti I received a call from Andrea in Waikiki. She told me her husband Nick lost his White Gold wedding band in the sand at Waikiki Beach right behind the Police Station. Knowing how many detectorists prowl the beach my getting there quickly to find their ring was of the utmost importance. I had my Excalibur in my truck so I told Andrea to guard the spot on the beach and not to dig looking for it. I told her I could be there in 30 minutes. Lunch hour traffic and road construction tried hard to keep me away but we managed through it all. Since I know some of the Waikiki HPD Officers I was able to park in their stall directly in front of the lost ring location. Asti stayed in the car and I went to the beach with Nick. It was a relatively small area and the first target was Nick’s ring. They admitted digging for it as it took two healthy scoops to reach their ring. It’s always neat how all the tourists watching the search applaud and say “How Cool is that?” when the ring is found. As you can see Andrea & Nick were all smiles. Aloha to Andrea & Nick.

Lost Silver Wedding Band at Kuhio Beach Waikiki…..FOUND!

from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

Andrew Waikiki Ag band

Andrew Waikiki Ag band1

Don Bryant & I were returning from a ring find when a young gentleman approached us and asked if we could help them find a ring in the water. He took us over to where Andrew was painstakingly trying to find the ring in shallow water with his hands. Andrew showed us the general location and because I still had my scuba gear on Don went to work. 30 seconds later and the first target Don nailed the ring. Nice way to end our day hunting. Andrew said he wasn’t afraid of losing the ring he was afraid of his new bride. Smart man, very smart! Aloha to the newlyweds!

Lost Gold Wedding Band at Kokololio Beach Park……FOUND

from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

interwoven AU band

Kristina Velez & Husband

I saw a craigslist post of a lost ring at Kokololio Beach Park and replied to it offering ring finder services. Kristina responded by email the next morning and asked how I could find her husband’s ring that she had lost while holding it for him while he took a swim in the ocean. I told her to read my blog then if she was comfortable give me a call and I’d make arrangements to look. Kristina called and was anxious to find her husband’s ring so I talked my wife Wendy into going and told her we could go get prime rib afterwards as it was our 22nd Anniversary. As usual she was cool about it and off we went. We met Kristina at the beach parking lot and she walked me over to the area where she last knew she had the ring. When we arrived on the spot my worst fears came to light the area was littered with bottle caps and other metal trash. We picked up a few pieces of trash on the surface and then I started my grid search. First target brass grommet, second target aluminum tent peg third target BINGO a gorgeous interwoven patterned Gold ring. It took all of about 90 seconds. They’re not always this easy but I got to leave early for that Anniversary dinner and Kristina was elated to have her husband’s ring back. She went on to tell me that everyone else told her a metal detectorist would never find it. Well she held her head high and went off to show them the results with the biggest smile she could make. Aloha to Kristina.

Lost Platinum Wedding Ring at Ko Olina lagoon…….FOUND

from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)



Saturday, May 9, 2015

I was celebrating Mother’s Day at a local Chinese restaurant with my wife and her family when I got an urgent call from Scott. Apparently while he was enjoying the day swimming at Ko Olina lagoon #4 his Platinum Wedding ring fell off and disappeared in waist deep water. His attempt to locate the ring was futile as the sand in the lagoon is very loose and makes it impossible to find. I told Scott I could be there around 2 PM however he would need Ko Olina Security permission to metal detect in the lagoons as they are normally off limits to detecting. The Security Guard Nickolas was very helpful and actually reserved us some parking which was otherwise completely full. Scott on the other hand was very fortunate to remember exactly here the ring came off as the second leg of my box search nailed the ring. There were hugs and smiles all around. Aloha to Scott and his lovely wife.

Lost Ring at Hale’iwa Beach Park…Found

from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)
Contact: 1-808-285-8370

Ring North ShoreNorth Shore RingDetermination is how I describe the recovery of this Wedding Ring…I was talking to my friend Joe about a difficult dive I had the following week, Hale’iwa Beach Park apparently is a popular fishing destination and had accumulated thousands of led fishing weights over the years, After about 2 hours of scuba diving with my metal detector I had to give the bad news to Paige, I let her know that with all the fishing tackle stuck in the coral it seems impossible to recover your ring, my detector doesn’t discriminate led.
After telling Joe the story he suggested we go back and clear out the led and clean up the coral reef, I thought to myself this will be a big task but the idea of cleaning up the environment a little sounds like a good plan, so after about 6 hours of diving for me and 4 hours for Joe we felt a little better about our chance of finally finding this ring, on my 3 weekend of diving in this spot I received the low sound of gold in my headphones, the ring was stuck in a small hole in the coral and you couldn’t see it or find it without a metal detector.
Altogether Joe and I found 4 rings,removed about 20 pound of led… a few fisherman were sure happy to get the free fishing tackle and Paige after 3 weeks she finally got her wedding ring back on her finger.
Mahalo to Joe for all the help and determination!
Another Great Recovery.