Lost Heirloom Platinum & Diamonds Engagement Ring in Aiea Yard...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when Yumi from Aiea called and said my fellow detectorist Brian referred me to her. He told her if anyone can find your ring it’s Joe. I appreciate the confidence Brian has in me but I thought the same of him. Yumi and I agreed to meet at her friend’s house where she lost her ring at 1:30 PM. today. When I arrived Yumi demonstrated how she walked up to a bench after finishing up washing dishes from the Food Truck flicked her hand once and both rings flew off. She didn’t notice which direction they went but she heard a “Ting” sound which sounded as if the ring hit the chain link fence. The way she flicked her hands and the rings being on her left hand I figured they would be to the left. Yumi & Rosie hunted extensively for a few days and a freak heavy winter storm flooded Rosie’s home and there was a fear the ring might be washed away. I started on the bottom level and worked towards the top. The Nox was practically useless with all the chain fence pieces, pull tabs, bottle caps & coins. The area was mostly dirt so I was thinking this should be an easy eyeball find with a bit of assistance from my pinpointer in the grassy areas. After 45 minutes of a thorough search I was about to give in. We covered it all at least in the left direction. Yumi admitted to raking a bit and that opened up the search in the other direction. No luck there either. Then as I was about to leave, I asked Yumi if we had moved the hose and she said, “NO!” We moved the hose from near the house pillar where the grass was the highest. I turned on my pinpointer and started moving the grass. Just as the PP went off I saw the beautiful Heirloom ring come into view alongside the Pillar surrounded by tall grass. Yumi screamed in disbelief and tears started to flow. I got a huge lump in my throat seeing how relieved she was that I found the ring. We all hugged and laughed thinking how her ring could have ended up where it did. The Rake…maybe so. No matter the other White Gold band remains and after they get a chance to remove some high grass along the fence it might be in the same spot. Aloha to Yumi & Josie!

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  1. Yumi says:

    I am soooooo thankful, honored and happy that you were able and available to come and help us find my ring!!! You really, truly do have a gift! Mahalo in a 1000 languages!!! Forever grateful for you and for what you did for me!!! Mahalo again and much Aloha to you, Joe!!!

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