Lost Rose Gold and Tantalum Wedding Band at Naia Lagoon Ko Olina...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This Ring Find began Tuesday afternoon when I got a call from Alena who was on vacation from Oregon and staying at the Ko Olina Resort with her husband Yevgeniy. While on the beach her husband noticed his Rose Gold and Tantalum Ring was missing from his finger. He wasn’t sure when it came of but was sure it was either when he was playing volleyball or when he jumped in and swam in the lagoon to cool off. Since it might require scuba I told Alena the best day would be Thursday afternoon low tide as the surf was at the moment crashing on the North and West facing shorelines. I assured her no one else would get the ring as I was the only metal detectorist allowed on Ko Olina Resort. When I arrived Thursday Alena & Yevgeniy were waiting for me on the beach. I had Yevgeniy draw a box in the dry sand where he had been playing volleyball and then in the wet sand on the left and right grid marks from where he was in the water of the lagoon. I told them they could go relax while I did the hunt as it could take quite awhile especially if I had to go in the water. I fired up the Nox and first searched the Volleyball area with no luck. Since Yevgeniy said he ran to the water I figured I better search the sand going towards the water. On the second leg of that grid I got a loud number “8” on the Nox and in one scoop there was his unique rose gold and tantalum ring in the scoop. This is where experience grid hunting paid off because it was about six feet outside the volleyball grid area towards the lagoon. I held up the ring and Alena was still on the beach and she came running down in disbelief. Yevgeniy had told her he was pretty sure it was gone forever and didn’t think it would be found. He had to provide someone a ride and had left the resort so, Alena texted him the good news. Vacation saved! Aloha to Alena & Yevgeniy!

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