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Lost White Gold & Diamonds Engagement Ring at Aulani Resort…FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This Ring Find began when I was called by the Aulani Beach Team. They told me a guest lost her White Gold with Diamonds Engagement ring somewhere in the dry sand by their beach chairs. I told them I was doing a scuba hunt for a ring the next morning at the resort next door. Since I would be waiting for the sunrise I said I’d hunt for their ring first. The beach team gave me a 2nd row umbrella 4 location to start. When I arrived the next morning it was still dark so I moved all the location chairs out of the way first then I grabbed the Nox from my car and started the hunt. No ring in that box. Puzzled I noticed a guy sitting nearby drinking a cup of coffee intently watching me. I asked him if it was his wife that lost the ring and he said “No” but he saw the couple last night tearfully sifting sand looking for her lost ring. He was positive I was searching in the wrong spot. He was sure it was 3rd row umbrella 5. So I returned the other lounge chairs and cleared the new area. The gentleman walked away wishing me luck and as soon as he said that I got a nice tone on the Nox and in one scoop there was the ring. Thank you for having a messenger on the beach Lord! I informed the beach team of the successful recovery and they called the guest’s room. They said she burst into tears and that’s when I found out Shana from Ohio was only married one day and on her honeymoon when the ring fell off the lounge chair and disappeared. Shana and her husband were very grateful and obviously elated for the recovery. Honeymoon memories! Aloha to Shana!