Lost Palladium Wedding Band from 14 Story Plunge into Aulani's Landscape...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began as I was taking my good friend Alan metal detecting on the South Shore of Oahu. As we were leaving his house my phone rang and it was Edwin who was on vacation from Manteca, California and staying at the Aulani resort. He told me his three year old son was playing with his Palladium Wedding Band on the 14th floor balcony of their room at the Aulani. The ring rolled off a chair onto the deck, then plunged the 14 stories to the trees, bushes and land cover below. Edwin went down to see if it was an easy find and realized it was practically hopeless. I told Edwin that my friend Alan and I would reroute our trip and see if we could find the ring and it would be about 15 minutes to get there. When we arrived Edwin met us on the beach and escorted us to the area the ring was lost. I noticed when we arrived the ground cover was so thick and about a foot high this would require a thorough Pinpointer search and a lot of visual luck. Alan thankfully brought his Pro-Find 35 so I used that to scour the under brush and Alan swept the areas he could with his detector. Unfortunately the pinpointer kept going off because the irrigation system had metal everywhere. I decided I’d just have to go grid by grid and clear all the targets. At least the ring would be on top! After about 15 minutes and a few junk targets I moved a shrub branch with the pinpointer and lying on the leaves was a silver colored ring. I grabbed it and squinted to read Pd 950 and a date on the inside. BINGO we got it. We called Edwin and told him the good news. As you can see in the pick another smile for my book and vacation saved. Aloha to Edwin!

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