Lost Platinum Wedding Ring - Found! Pittsburgh, PA (Second find of the day!)

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I was just on my way home from finding another ring when I received a text from Randy asking if I could look for a lost ring in the Bethel Park area of Pittsburgh. As luck would have it  (for both of us!) I was only a short distance away since I was returning from the other job. I immediately called Randy back and he informed me that he was performing a tree service job when he realized that he lost his wedding band.

When I got to the job site I could see Randy had been hard at work and with the cold weather it is understandable how his ring slipped off his finger. We talked briefly and he thought maybe it flew off his hand starting his chainsaw, or that it possibly slipped off his finger when he was cleaning up trimmings and dumping them in the woods. I went to the back where he had started the saw and began my grid search…an hour or so later – no luck. I expanded my search to other parts of the yard where he had been working and then over to where he had been dumping the trimmings. While I was searching Randy was diligently sorting through some of the trimmings and things to make it easier for me to get in there and search. I looked in the area where the limbs and things had been dumped…no luck. I was starting to think that it was lost in the woods and that I would never find it. I had one last area to check, the path he was taking from the work site to the woods. This seemed to be the least likely place and after three hours I was hoping that I was going to have enough daylight to conduct a second search as my optimism started to fade. Meanwhile Randy had strapped on his climbing gear and impressively scaled a tree and was back at work.

I started searching the path from the trees to the dump site and after a few passes I had a solid hit in a pile of leaves he had blown off to the side. I reached down and there was the platinum ring! I walked over and jokingly asked Randy if he wanted to come down to get his ring or if he wanted me to throw it up to him. He rapidly descended from the tree and came over to get his ring. He was as elated that I found his ring as I was relieved. I think we were both starting to doubt I was going to find it.

Randy thanked me several times and we talked briefly before he started back to his task at hand. Once again he climbed the tree and was back at work. In my brief time with Randy it is apparent that he is a genuine and hard working guy who I am extremely happy that I was able to reunite with his ring and if I ever need a tree guy I know who to call!

Today was also a first – two recoveries in one day – thank you to Bob and Randy for trusting me to look for their rings and thankfully I was able to come through for both of them.



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  1. Randy Kerns says:

    Brian…I’m grateful for losing my ring after meeting you my friend.
    To anyone who lost a valuable…Brian is the man! He’s very professional, straightforward and persistent. Making you happy is what drives this man and that’s priceless!
    Thank you Brian and happy hunting my friend

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