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Wedding Ring Found at Pt. Mugu State park beach in Malibu

I got a text from Alexandra this morning that her husband was playing with their kids at Pt. Mugu State park beach in Malibu and his wedding ring had slipped off somewhere in the sand. It was a big heavy ring so one it hit the sand it was buried. I agreed to immediately get out there so no one else would find it as they had to leave really quick to drop the kids off at a sitters. I met them out at the site and we proceeded to search the area. It wasn’t where he thought he’d lost it so I expanded the search area and after my second pass I got a solid tone and recovered the ring. Needless to say we were all pumped as the lifeguard had warned me prior to beginning the search that the beach was infested with bullets (it shares a fence with the Navy) and bottle caps so this was awesome. They key was Alexandria calling me right away and if you have lost a ring or other piece of jewelry in the water, the wet sand. dry sand, yard or grass field you need to call or text me right away at 805-290-5009. 

Sentimental Tiffany Ring Lost in Backyard .Santa Ana , CA. .. Found by Metal Detector Expert

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….. Patty called me late in the afternoon from her home in Santa Ana, California. Her daughter had lost a Tiffany ring in the backyard while throwing toys for her dogs.  After a couple hours of searching they could not locate the ring in the small grassy backyard. They were at their wits end when a neighbor suggested they contact a metal detecting service.

Patty located me through TheRingFinders directory. We discussed the circumstances of the loss, after hearing that it was a recent loss and her daughter felt the ring come off her finger, I was confident that this was going to be an easy search. These rings usually get stepped on which puts them out of site.

We had less than an hour before sunset when I arrived to meet the family. The back yard was small, maybe 20ft by 35ft of grass with a small 30” wide raised planter next to a 6ft wall. The planter only had a few large palm plants with a lot of recently tilled exposed soil. 

Several cross grids scans with my metal detector over the grass were unsuccessful. I was getting frustrated because they insisted that the ring went straight ahead into the grass. It was already dark after an hour, so as a last resort, I took my pinpointer (handheld detector) to check the planter. BOOM!! .. the ring was located with just an edge of the ring exposed. There was not any  other places to search. 

Everybody was excited essentially Patty’s daughter who had received this ring as a gift for he fifteenth birthday,  a very important day of her life.

After talking to Patty about who recommended me, we discovered that I had found a ring for neighbor last year. That ring was found at 2 am after being lost in the surf for 4 days. It is a small world that brings people’s experiences together to help others with their problems. I’m getting more input from people that are hearing about TheRingFinders directory. It’s awesome to be a part of this service that has evolved with the help of the internet.


“I WILL TRY ANYWHERE”  call or text as soon as possible especially if lost in a public area.

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Rental Car Key Lost at Hermosa Beach…Found and Returned by Metal Detector Service

  • from Redondo Beach (California, United States)

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I got a call from a gentleman from Alaska who was vacationing in Southern California. He was calling for Naim who was also vacationing in Southern California, only Naim was here from Paris, France. He had been at the beach with a friend, and wanted to go in the water, so he took his rental car key, wrapped it in a plastic bag, and buried it so no one would take it while he was away. The problem occurred when he was ready to leave. He and his friend grabbed their belongings, and walked off to the car to leave, only to find that they had left the key in the sand. They immediately went back, and searched the sand, but were unable to find the key. It is very hard to pinpoint an area in the sand after having left for even a short while. I let them know I was on my way.

When I got to the beach I met Naim and his friend. They showed me where they had been digging and combing the sand, so I began my search there. I covered the complete area without finding the key. I let Naim know that I would expand the search area which relieved him because he knew it had to be there. I continued my grid, and after 2 passes dug up a plastic bag. I reached down, and pulled it up, and there was the key wrapped up nice and tight. Naim was very happy. He was going back to Paris in just a few days, and I was glad to give him a bit of American hospitality.


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