Lost Diamond Studded Nose Ring...Found in the East Bay!!!

  • from Walnut Creek (California, United States)

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On 9-14-2022 at approximately 9 pm, I was contacted by an individual looking for someone to search his vehicle for a lost diamond studded nose ring.  The individual knew that he had misplaced the item within his vehicle but was unable to recover the item on his own.

It was another 4 days before our schedules aligned to perform the search using a video endoscope.  I searched, unsuccessfully, for quite a while and was about to call it off, but opted to question the individual one last time.

An important new detail was revealed in that he had thought that he put the nose ring in the drivers side door pocket.  He and I had both performed an inspection of this pocket by touch and nothing was in the pocket.  In the name of being extremely thorough, I scanned the pocket with the video endoscope and found that the door pocket itself was made up of two pieces and that there was a small crease between the two plastic door moldings.

The other thing we noticed was a strong shimmer of light reflecting back out of that crease, but how to retrieve it?

I popped the plastic door panel away from the door and out of the corner of my eye, sighted the tiniest of objects fall to the pavement. I never imagined how small it would be, but after a good hard search and just before the skies opened up with a heavy deluge…We made the recovery!!!

This call to service reinforced the fact that continuous questioning can often times lead to new and unexpected recollections that can ultimately make or break the success of one of these searches.

Bay Area Ring Finders Brendon Chapman… Metal Detecting Service/Call ASAP     925-580-2590

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