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Lost Ring in Sand Playing Football .. Newport Beach, CA.

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The sun was setting when I received a call from Gary’s wife. They had been visiting friends who live on the beachfront in Newport Beach. She told me that her husband had lost his wedding ring in the sand.
When I got the call, I was detecting in Laguna Beach. It took me about 15 minutes to get back to my vehicle and another 30 minutes to drive the 13 miles to their location.
Gary was there to explain how he had been playing football, when one of the kids grabbed his hand, pulling the ring off into the sand. The area was only 30×40 ft. square. Should have been an easy search, but after cross gridding three times. It was not looking good.
Gary walked up to me, saying he had to leave. I knew that the ring was not in the location that he had laid out. Asking him where else he had been, he pointed off to the right of the place where he thought it got pulled off his finger. It was getting cold but I would not leave till I covered the whole playing area.
I started a new grid pattern at the far side of the field. Two passes, then the magic sound of a gold ring in my ear phones proved to be the missing ring. Everybody was still in the house saying their good-byes, when I walked up to the house to give them the good news.
This was a classic search. Everybody was so positive that the ring had come off after his hand was grabbed. Actually it had fallen off more than 50 feet from that event. It’s my experience that kept me searching, when they had given up hope that I could find it. Again, I was still as surprised as they were.
A very nice family and you can see the smile on Gary’s face showing he was happy to have his ring recovered. He did apologize for putting me in the wrong place. I assured him this happens often, it’s part of the challenge.

White Gold Wedding Band Lost at Descanso Beach, Avalon CA. .. Catalina Island

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imageErika called Monday asking me if I would or if I knew anyone that would search for a ring lost at Descanso Beach in Avalon, CA. “Catalina Island”

I know Avalon well and take trips there a couple times a month using a commuter pass for the Catalina Flyer ferry. It would be a nice excuse to get over to the Island combining a search with visiting friends.
Erika and her husband Nolan with their two year old son had planned this weekend trip to celebrate her birthday. They set up on the sand at Descanso Beach Resort to enjoy the afternoon. Her husband slipped his wedding band on Erika’s thumb while he went for a swim. Soon after, while playing with her son she noticed the ring missing. It had to be in a small area but the sand was not giving it up.. It was not a happy birthday with Erika feeling guilty for losing the ring.
Erika texted me the location where they had been sitting with photos. I left Newport Beach at 9:00am arriving at Avalon about 10:30am.. My friend Joe was there to meet me with his golf cart.. It had been four days since the loss but. Chances were still good that the ring was still in the sand. Today the cruise ship was in, so we just had to grid the area before people set up their beach towels. Luck was with me, it was a fairly quick search it wasn’t long till Erika’s husband’s ring was in my sand scoop. I hand been updating her by text during the morning so I sent her a photo of the ring in my hand..
We met the next day at a time halfway between between her home and where I live to give her the ring.. Her plan was to surprise Nolan with the ring when he got home from work. Ericka sent me a text message the next day telling me how well the surprise went. It was another special search having my friend Joe help me and witness how Our group works. Avalon is a small town with not much happening, so by the end of the day many of the local residents had heard about

Ring Lost First Day after Wedding .. Santa Ana, CA. .. Recovered

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Javier called me about 8 pm, Monday night. He had lost his wedding ring the day after his marriage to Stephanie. They had a big reception, Sunday at his parent’s home. He wasn’t quite sure where or when it was lost but he was able to eliminate a few areas by reviewing photos taken during the day.
He believed it was lost on their large lawn. It was not a public area so it wasn’t necessary to do the search that night. It’s always a question in my mind, what kind of conditions will I find when I get to the search area. It was a nice yard area that had quite a few metal trash signals, mostly deep. I set my sensitivity on my detector low because there is no need to waste time investigating deep targets. I concentrated on the low tones with surface depth readings ( 1″ or 2″ ). After about 30 minutes I got a got the perfect gold tone at 2 inches. Javier’s ring in the grass probably stepped deep into the grass by several people during the party.
The family had left me to do the search while they waited inside the house. I did not touch the ring, I wanted them to see how well it was hiding in the grass. We all enjoyed the moment, sincerely thanking me and taking time to take photos. It was definitely a pleasure to help them find their wedding ring.

Tuesday.. 9-15-15



Tiffany Ear Ring Lost on Soccer Field .. Newport Beach

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Friday afternoon Megan had been playing soccer at Arroyo Park in Newport Beach, CA. After battling with another player for possession of the ball she realized that one of her Tiffany ear rings was missing. She had a good idea where the ear ring could be because it happened right on two lines that mark the playing field.
After several hours crawling and feeling in the thick grass she was unable to locate the small ear ring. Saturday morning Megan did a Google search locating me on . We met at the park an hour later. She had brought the other ear ring which helped me to set up my detector. I began by asking my questions to help me with the search. After hearing her story, I had to ask if she won the battle for possession of the ball.
There was actually a soccer practice on the field, but I was able to swing the detector over the grass while the players were at the opposite end of the field. She was sure that it would be in a 10 ft. square area next to the side lines. She was three or four feet off, it was just outside the sidelines. I doubt that anyone could have seen it as it was deep in the grass. Smiles and high fives from Megan and her friend. This ear ring was part of a three piece set given to her by a relative for her birthday last year.
It wasn’t an easy search because there was quite a lot of trash signals. I was surprised that I was able to pick the most likely tone from my CTX 3030 Minelab Detector and ID reading. Good equipment and the knowledge of how to use them make the difference for a successful search.

Sunday   September 12, 2015


Lost Ring .. Malibu, CA. .. Found in Sand

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Late Thursday night at 11:30 pm Anna Called me. Asking me about how my service works. I have asked that people call me anytime, it’s important because it may make the difference of finding your ring.
She told me that her ring was lost in the dry sand at a beach in Malibu. She had picked up her beach towel stepping away from the other people to shake out the sand before packing up to leave the beach. She was sure this was when the ring came off her finger.. Her questions for me were leading me to think a metal detector wouldn’t work. My questions for her were, could she get me to the approximate location?
I could meet her as early as 6am, the next morning, but she couldn’t be there till 10am. Traffic is a factor on the Los Angeles freeways so I was there 3 hours early. Having no idea where Ana had lost her ring, I just did a general search of the places people might set up their beach camps for the day. I did find some coins and a tungsten ring with a cross design.
When Anna arrived she walked right over to the part of the beach where I had found the tungsten ring. I asked her if her ring had a cross design, she said yes. That’s when I told her I had already found her ring. She was so surprised, but it wasn’t her ring..
I proceeded with the search, but Anna had second thoughts about the location. The high tide had changed the beach and much of the dry sand had become wet. It wasn’t that large of an area so I just expanded my grid search. Ana believed that it could be out further down the slope where the water was receding as the tide was going out. I told her I would eliminate the top of the slope and wait for the tide to recede.
As we talked about taking a break to get water and sunscreen, I was still swinging the detector. One more signal, nothing special until I looked into my scoop. Yes, Ana’s ring.. She broke out into tears of gratitude. This ring was so special to her as it was a gift from her sister. Ana was also a special lady that deserves to have her ring back where it belongs. A beautiful ring with a X type design that some could call a cross. She was a little bashful about letting me take a photo of her for our book of smiles. I can tell you her smile was one for me to remember.

Friday … August 28, 2015

Ana's Ring

Ana’s Ring

There's a big smile at the other end of Ana's arm.

There’s a big smile at the other end of Ana’s arm