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White Gold Wedding Band Lost at Descanso Beach, Avalon CA. .. Catalina Island

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imageErika called Monday asking me if I would or if I knew anyone that would search for a ring lost at Descanso Beach in Avalon, CA. “Catalina Island”

I know Avalon well and take trips there a couple times a month using a commuter pass for the Catalina Flyer ferry. It would be a nice excuse to get over to the Island combining a search with visiting friends.
Erika and her husband Nolan with their two year old son had planned this weekend trip to celebrate her birthday. They set up on the sand at Descanso Beach Resort to enjoy the afternoon. Her husband slipped his wedding band on Erika’s thumb while he went for a swim. Soon after, while playing with her son she noticed the ring missing. It had to be in a small area but the sand was not giving it up.. It was not a happy birthday with Erika feeling guilty for losing the ring.
Erika texted me the location where they had been sitting with photos. I left Newport Beach at 9:00am arriving at Avalon about 10:30am.. My friend Joe was there to meet me with his golf cart.. It had been four days since the loss but. Chances were still good that the ring was still in the sand. Today the cruise ship was in, so we just had to grid the area before people set up their beach towels. Luck was with me, it was a fairly quick search it wasn’t long till Erika’s husband’s ring was in my sand scoop. I hand been updating her by text during the morning so I sent her a photo of the ring in my hand..
We met the next day at a time halfway between between her home and where I live to give her the ring.. Her plan was to surprise Nolan with the ring when he got home from work. Ericka sent me a text message the next day telling me how well the surprise went. It was another special search having my friend Joe help me and witness how Our group works. Avalon is a small town with not much happening, so by the end of the day many of the local residents had heard about TheRingFinders.com.