Lost Ring .. Malibu, CA. .. Found in Sand

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)



Late Thursday night at 11:30 pm Anna Called me. Asking me about how my service works. I have asked that people call me anytime, it’s important because it may make the difference of finding your ring.
She told me that her ring was lost in the dry sand at a beach in Malibu. She had picked up her beach towel stepping away from the other people to shake out the sand before packing up to leave the beach. She was sure this was when the ring came off her finger.. Her questions for me were leading me to think a metal detector wouldn’t work. My questions for her were, could she get me to the approximate location?
I could meet her as early as 6am, the next morning, but she couldn’t be there till 10am. Traffic is a factor on the Los Angeles freeways so I was there 3 hours early. Having no idea where Ana had lost her ring, I just did a general search of the places people might set up their beach camps for the day. I did find some coins and a tungsten ring with a cross design.
When Anna arrived she walked right over to the part of the beach where I had found the tungsten ring. I asked her if her ring had a cross design, she said yes. That’s when I told her I had already found her ring. She was so surprised, but it wasn’t her ring..
I proceeded with the search, but Anna had second thoughts about the location. The high tide had changed the beach and much of the dry sand had become wet. It wasn’t that large of an area so I just expanded my grid search. Ana believed that it could be out further down the slope where the water was receding as the tide was going out. I told her I would eliminate the top of the slope and wait for the tide to recede.
As we talked about taking a break to get water and sunscreen, I was still swinging the detector. One more signal, nothing special until I looked into my scoop. Yes, Ana’s ring.. She broke out into tears of gratitude. This ring was so special to her as it was a gift from her sister. Ana was also a special lady that deserves to have her ring back where it belongs. A beautiful ring with a X type design that some could call a cross. She was a little bashful about letting me take a photo of her for our book of smiles. I can tell you her smile was one for me to remember.

Friday … August 28, 2015

Ana's Ring

Ana’s Ring

There's a big smile at the other end of Ana's arm.

There’s a big smile at the other end of Ana’s arm