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Ring Lost First Day after Wedding .. Santa Ana, CA. .. Recovered

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

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Javier called me about 8 pm, Monday night. He had lost his wedding ring the day after his marriage to Stephanie. They had a big reception, Sunday at his parent’s home. He wasn’t quite sure where or when it was lost but he was able to eliminate a few areas by reviewing photos taken during the day.
He believed it was lost on their large lawn. It was not a public area so it wasn’t necessary to do the search that night. It’s always a question in my mind, what kind of conditions will I find when I get to the search area. It was a nice yard area that had quite a few metal trash signals, mostly deep. I set my sensitivity on my detector low because there is no need to waste time investigating deep targets. I concentrated on the low tones with surface depth readings ( 1″ or 2″ ). After about 30 minutes I got a got the perfect gold tone at 2 inches. Javier’s ring in the grass probably stepped deep into the grass by several people during the party.
The family had left me to do the search while they waited inside the house. I did not touch the ring, I wanted them to see how well it was hiding in the grass. We all enjoyed the moment, sincerely thanking me and taking time to take photos. It was definitely a pleasure to help them find their wedding ring.

Tuesday.. 9-15-15