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Lost Platinum Ring in Sand at Laguna Beach, CA. … Found by a Ringfinder with a Metal Detector

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….. I received a call from a guy named Ridge asking for assistance to help him find his platinum wedding band. Yesterday, he had been at Victoria Beach one of many coves in Laguna Beach, CA. When he got home he realized his platinum wedding ring was missing. He thought that it had either come off in the surf or when he brushed the sand off his towel as he was leaving the beach.

He was on his way the next morning to search the dry sand where he had shook off his towel, although the most probable area his loss was the surf where he was most active.

Even though it was high tide and it would not be productive to search the water, I agreed to meet him where I could eliminate the dry sand area. At the same time I could get the location for a return search at the next low tide.

When we walked to the spot where Ridge had shook out his towel, I asked him if he had done any activity on the dry sand that might cause the ring to slip off his finger. He said that the only thing he can think of was brushing off his towel. He pointed up a little higher on the sloping sand. 

I turned on my metal detector making a few adjustments before walking up the embankment. I began a few swings of my detector telling Ridge I need to do a warm up before getting to the zone he was sitting. Boom! I got a signal right away,  10 ft. from where I was to start my search. Yes! The heavy platinum ring was there in my scoop when I retrieved the signal from the sand.

Both of us were surprised as the odds that the ring was lost in the ocean were much higher than it being in the dry sand. It was another time that it paid off just to search the location that was available while we had the time to eliminate part of several places the ring could have been lost. Also, he was a very happy guy, because he had really all but given up hope that a small ring could be found in a mass of sand. I hope I never get tired of helping people find their sentimental keepsakes.


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Sentimental Gold Cartier Watch .. Fisherman’s Cove, Laguna Beach, CA. .. Found after 3 Days

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

For Kim, Christmas morning started out with a family get together at her boy friends home. Then the day changed with news of the passing of a close personal friend in England. It was a totally unexpected as he was healthy and only 53 years old. She struggled through the afternoon and evening. Returning to her home to get a watch that was gifted to her by her deceased friend.  Later she walked a couple blocks that night to sit on the beach for some deep thoughts and a long cry. After a couple hours she went  home to get some sleep after a very emotional day.

The next day Kim realized the watch was no where to be found. She and everyone in the household searched the house and every inch of the two blocks from the house to the beach. She said it was such a cruel blow that such a precious memento should get lost on the day she found out it’s giver had died.
Her son had a radio shack metal detector that they attempted to use forbsesrching the beach sand. That’s when one of the neighbors told her to contact TheRingFinders.
It was already three days sense the loss and it could have been easily found  by a stranger if lost on the street or sidewalk. I assured her that I could find it if it was buried in the sand. We had to try even though there were many other places it could be.
Fisherman’s Cove is beautiful and has a small beach. As I started my grid some of the neighbors came to see what was going on. As they were talking about what had happened, I carefully scooped and pitched the sand in a pile. We all looked down and there was the White gold Cartier watch. It had been about 4 inches under the sand hiding from anybody that may have claimed it as a finders keeper’s treasure. It had survived a couple high tides that didn’t damage the mechanism.
Then the tears and cheers of happiness flowed. So many people came up to me afterward telling me how important this was to Kim.
Besides giving me a nice gratuity, I was invited to a very a awesome New Years Eve party. When, I walked in the door they announced, “TheRingFinder is here”.
When I bought my first metal detector in 1971, I would have never thought that my new hobby would take me to such a rewarding life.

Lost Ring in Sand Playing Football .. Newport Beach, CA.

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The sun was setting when I received a call from Gary’s wife. They had been visiting friends who live on the beachfront in Newport Beach. She told me that her husband had lost his wedding ring in the sand.
When I got the call, I was detecting in Laguna Beach. It took me about 15 minutes to get back to my vehicle and another 30 minutes to drive the 13 miles to their location.
Gary was there to explain how he had been playing football, when one of the kids grabbed his hand, pulling the ring off into the sand. The area was only 30×40 ft. square. Should have been an easy search, but after cross gridding three times. It was not looking good.
Gary walked up to me, saying he had to leave. I knew that the ring was not in the location that he had laid out. Asking him where else he had been, he pointed off to the right of the place where he thought it got pulled off his finger. It was getting cold but I would not leave till I covered the whole playing area.
I started a new grid pattern at the far side of the field. Two passes, then the magic sound of a gold ring in my ear phones proved to be the missing ring. Everybody was still in the house saying their good-byes, when I walked up to the house to give them the good news.
This was a classic search. Everybody was so positive that the ring had come off after his hand was grabbed. Actually it had fallen off more than 50 feet from that event. It’s my experience that kept me searching, when they had given up hope that I could find it. Again, I was still as surprised as they were.
A very nice family and you can see the smile on Gary’s face showing he was happy to have his ring recovered. He did apologize for putting me in the wrong place. I assured him this happens often, it’s part of the challenge.

Lost Wedding Ring .. Santa Monica Beach, CA. .. Found In Sand Near Swings

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Sunday 10:00 am first call from Jeff

“I think my ring came off while playing with my kid on the swings at Santa Monica Beach.”

Jeff called me late Sunday morning about 10:00am. He had been at Santa Monica Beach Saturday afternoon with his family. After returning home he discovered his rose gold wedding band was missing. He believed it may have come off while pushing his son on the swings in a public recreation area on the sand, located just a couple blocks south of the Santa Monica pier.

This part of the beach is a high use recreation zone. It gets bombed by metal detectors especially on weekends. I told Jeff that I would give it a try. Jeff couldn’t meet me but I knew exactly what swings he was talking about. I have the advantage over other detectorists. I know there is a ring lost near the swings.
It was about noon when I started my search. I had to time my search when people were not using the swings. It started out good, finding coins and one junk ring which is a sign that other detectorists have not worked these swings. After a few minutes I got the gold ring sound and VID reading that was alluding me. Digging the target with my sand scoop I could see Jeff’s rose gold wedding band in the scoop.
Sent a text photo to Jeff’s smart phone. He was able to meet me on the beach within 20 minutes. Thanking me for saving his marriage. I get that comment a lot. This was another learning opportunity for me. I will try anywhere, it doesn’t matter how many people may have detected the place. They can’t get everything.

Found and returned Sunday 11-31-15       Using a Minelab CTX 3030 metal detector

Palladium Ring Found in Grass .. Encino, CA. .. Returned

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)


Friday .. 8-14-15

I was just finishing an unsuccessful water search in Santa Monica beach. Started at 4am low tide walked back to my car at 7am. Just as I got to the car Brad called telling me he had lost his palladium wedding band on a soccer field in Encino, CA. I left right away for the park that was only about 10 miles away. Traffic co-operated making it possible meet Brad on the soccer field.
It was a large field but Brad had left a marker in the location where he had placed his backpack the night before. He believed that when he put his ring into the backpack, he missed the pocket and that the ring may be in the grass. He searched on his hands and knees till 11pm that night. He returned at 6am to continue searching. Brad got online finding TheRingFinders. He first called Steve Smith a fellow member of TheRingFinders, who recommended that he call me because Steve was out of town on a short vacation.

When I arrived, I started to grid the 40×40 ft area. Brad left me to search. Then I saw Brad searching way across the field. I got a little uneasy because it looked like he wasn’t sure where he lost the ring. I tried to ignore that thought concentrating on this location.. There was a lot of trash giving me 12-13 to 12-15 readings witch could be gold. I didn’t have an idea of what reading the palladium ring would give. Then I received a 12-23 ID reading at 2 inches. Going down with the pinpointer, I found the ring hiding deep in the grass, completely out of sight.
He looked over towards me and I held up the ring, yelling “I found it.” It was great to see the smile on Brad’s face. He also told me that his wife would be happy it was found. His last comment was, ” I  knew you could find it.” It was nice to get the job done, so Brad had time to get to work.