Lost Wedding Ring in Car Found by a Ringfinder in Victorville, CA.

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 ***  Justin had been in his car when his white gold wedding ring had bothering him. He slipped it off setting the ring on the center console near the cupholder. This car had a motorized cover that slides over the cupholder when not used. When he went to put his ring back on his finger the ring was not there. After looking closely at the place he set the ring, he could see a space where the ring may have slid under the console into the interior of the dashboard. 

First he tried opening the automatic cover and he ended up breaking the cover. Justin took it to the dealership to get it repaired. He also asked them to look for his ring. ( not successful). He had the present of mind to get a endoscope camera to investigate through the small gap. Where he thought he could see the ring but he had no way to retrieve it. Then as a last resort he went online locating Jeff Morgan member of TheRingFinders in Seattle, WA. who had posted a ring recovery in a car. 

After Jeff gave Justin my contact information, we set up a day for me to meet him at his home in Victorville, CA. .. I spent a half hour tediously working my way with my endoscope camera in the console area through a 1/4 inch hole. I could not see a ring anywhere. When Justin came out to check on my progress, I told him the ring wasn’t visible. Then  I suggested that we try the carpet area next to the console. We pulled the carpet out from underneath the console. BOOM! There was his ring.. Amazing that it had worked its way through the console down between the carpet and metal floor. 

I had read other members blogs about finding ring that find there way under carpets in cars. This was just a shot in the dark before giving up on the search. We always find it at the last place we look. You can see the photo of Justin with a happy relieved look,on his face. 

Stan the Metal Detector Man is available to help you now ..I WILL TRY ANYWHERE .. Call or Text ASAP .. 949-500-2136  

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