Lost Gold Diamond Ring during a Beach Party in Long Beach, CA… Found with Metal Detector

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***  A man whose name is MT called for help finding his gold with a diamond ring lost in the sand. He was with friends on the beach at Belmont Shores, Long Beach, CA. They were playing volleyball, so he gave his ring for one of the ladies that wasn’t playing to hold. 

This happens often, she put the ring on he finger for safekeeping. Later she noticed the ring missing and it had to be in the sand. I asked MT if they would be able to stay at the location for a half hour till I could get to that beach.

Traffic was cooperating and I met the group on the beach before they had to leave the beach. Shorty after they showed me the 40’x40’ area of the loss, I was able to locate the ring with my metal detector. After several hours of searching before I arrived, MT and everyone were happy, especially the lady that had lost the ring. 

As usual most the people in the group did not know that TheRingFinders directory exists. Now we have more than a dozen people that can spread the word of metal detectorists that are willing to help people find their sentimental lost keepsakes.


Don’t wait, call as soon as possible… Stan the Metal Detector Man …  949-500-2136  .. “I WILL TRY ANYWHERE “

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