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Lost Platinum Ring in Snow at Big Bear, CA. .. Found and Returned

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)










William and his friends spent the day in the snow near Big Bear, CA. at a roadside recreation area they stopped to play on the hillside snow. William realized his platinum ring missing before they left the area. 

The loss happened on Saturday and he called me asking for help the next day. After discussing the circumstances of the loss and exchanging a few photos with a dropped pin where it happen, I agreed to drive the 85 miles to do a search. I didn’t feel it was necessary for William to take the day off of work to meet me at the location.

Monday was the better day to make the drive and there would be less people at the site. The weather was perfect with 8”to 10” of snow still on the ground. The first few minutes of the search revealed that there was a lot of metal trash. ( bottle caps and pull tabs). 

The last snow search I did was difficult to check metal signals because the snow had frozen. These conditions were better which gave me an opportunity to use my beach scoop to check targets. There were families playing in the snow with sleds, inter tubing, etc. that I had to work around. 

The ring was found after almost two hours of grid searching with my metal detector. I was also able to remove more that 40 metal bottles caps and pull tabs. My search was much easier using the long handle beach scoop.  I didn’t have to bend down to check all the trash signals.

William was able to meet me after work later that evening in Newport Beach to pick up his

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