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Wedding Ring lost and Returned On Siesta Key Beach, Florida

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Lost something important? We can HELP! Our services are FREE! Donations to the Club are accepted.

We will send a team of metal detector experts to search virtually any location. Some of the most common are parks, beaches, creeks and even your own backyard.  If you have lost your ring or any other precious item, “Don’t Wait – Call Now.”

Wedding Ring Returned On Siesta Key Beach, Florida

Bobby and family came down to Siesta Key Beach from Brooklyn, NY for a warm spring break. They were out on the beach in front of their condo taking in the sun when Bobby and his daughter started tossing a ball around  as he was backing into the water. As he tossed the ball one more time, off came his wedding ring. The whole family searched but there was no finding the ring. Bobby searched on the internet and SRARC popped up. He contacted Tom and we scheduled a hunt for the next morning. Paul Hill, Wayne Cree, and Mike Miller showed up to meet Bobby at 9:00 the next morning. Bobby filled them in on where they had been tossing the ball and how deep he thought he was. In about 10 minutes, Paul found the ring. Bobby was very excited to have his ring back and commented that they would now be able to enjoy the rest of their holiday and the trip home. We enjoyed the big smile on his face and couldn’t be happier that we could give him his ring back. Great job guy’s!!!!!!!

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Purity Ring lost, Found and Returned on Anna Maria Island, Florida

SRARC Ring Finders Metal Detecting Service – Tampa Bay Area, Pinellas County, Manatee County & Sarasota County

Lost something important? We can HELP! Our services are FREE! Donations to the Club are accepted.

We will send a team of metal detector experts to search virtually any location. Some of the most common are parks, beaches, creeks and even your own backyard.  If you have lost your ring or any other precious item, “Don’t Wait – Call Now.”

Purity Ring Lost, Found and Returned on Anna Maria Island

A Leadership conference group from the G5 Church in Davenport, Florida came down to Anna Maria Island for a day of rest and relaxation. Some of the young people were playing soccer in the warm sand when BreAnn fell down. When she got up, her hands were all covered with sand. (You know how it is when you have suntan lotion on and dip your hands into sand) She pulled her Purity ring off so she could get the sand out from under it and immediately dropped it into the sand. It of course disappeared. They all looked and looked with no luck. They started to sift the whole area with play plastic sand strainers and another member of the group went in search of a metal detector. He found a detector but they were not successful in finding the ring. Finally because the day was coming to an end and they needed to return to the Orlando area, Josana started looking on the internet for help. She found SRARC on the Ring Finders and contacted Tom Jones. Tom contacted Mike Miller and Mike headed down to the Island right away. When he arrived they showed him the area they had sifted (only about 6 sq. ft.) and he got ready to hunt. Two swings later he got the gold tone, leaned over and picked up the ring. It was in the pile of sand that they had sifted and one of the sifters was actually sitting on top of it.

BreAnn was overjoyed and the others were in shock that it was found so fast. They were all smiling and excited that BreAnn had her ring back. We had a round of hugs and then they were on their way home. I think they must have had a very happy ride home. It is always a pleasure for us at SRARC to be able to return special items to their owner.

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Gold Wedding Ring Lost, Found, and Returned on Siesta Key Beach, Sarasota, Florida

Gold Wedding Ring Lost, Found, and Returned on Siesta Key Beach, Sarasota, Florida

This is return #95 for Jay and Karen Ganz on their quest to return 100 during their detecting career. The letter below shows you why it is so meaningful to them.

Dear Karen and Jay,

On October 4th, 2015 I lost my wedding ring in the Gulf of Mexico, specifically Siesta Key Beach. I was there to act as best man for my friend’s wedding, so losing my wedding band was particularly disturbing; if I couldn’t keep track of my own wedding band, how was I supposed to be responsible for holding on to my friend’s, right?

My wife and I had known each other throughout high school. After high school was over, I left to join the Marines. During my time in the service we had both started to realize that there was something more than a friendship between us, and we started a relationship separated by thousands of miles. I had made the decision that, if we could get through my second tour in Iraq, I would ask her to marry me. Well obviously that’s exactly what happened, and when she said yes, we didn’t waste any time picking out wedding bands. I was home on leave at the time and we figured it would be one less thing to worry about later.

We went to a local jewelry store and, while she knew exactly what she wanted (and found it in moments), I hadn’t really given much thought to a wedding band. I knew I would be wearing it for the rest of my life (at least in theory) and so I ended up mulling over a few different ones. Finally, my wife pointed to one in particular and asked what I thought. It was hefty and for some reason I just liked the way it looked and felt. The jeweler pulled it out and it fit perfectly. No need to order a different size, just box it up and check one very important thing off the list of “to dos.” We got married on June 27, 2009, and watching my wife slip that ring onto my finger is still one of my favorite memories.

Fast-forward to the summer of 2015. I had completed my Bachelor’s degree and my Law School education. I was preparing to take the bar exam in Ohio and, in order to help cope with the stress, I had gotten back to a regimented diet and exercise plan. For me, when a stressful event is coming up, it usually helps for me to make sure I’m working out and eating right. So naturally, I started to shed a few pounds. The only downside to this is that my wedding band started fitting a little more loosely. By the time October rolled around, I had actually started curling my ring finger to make sure my band didn’t slip off. Until I went swimming in the ocean, that is. Playing in the waves with a couple of friends, a wave pulled the ring right off my finger. I instantly dove under to try and grab it, but I couldn’t see and the waves were strong enough to be very disorienting.

I stormed back to the condo we were all staying at, absolutely beside myself. My wife took a piece of plastic wrap and fashioned it into a make shift ring; slipping it onto my hand the same way she had six and a half years earlier. At that moment, I was reminded that stuff is just stuff. That I could lose a hundred rings and it wouldn’t change the way my wife and I feel about each other.

We returned home to Ohio and discussed getting a replacement. That would of course have to wait until I was finally able to start working as an attorney. My wife suggested posting to a internet lost and found. “Who knows, it’s not like we have something to lose, right?” Well, I couldn’t disagree with that logic, so she went ahead and made the post. Within 24 hours we were contacted by Karen. It turns out, finding my ring wasn’t as much of a long shot as I had thought.

Within a few days I received a text from my newlywed friend, who was still in Florida, currently living the dream of a great honeymoon with a bride of his own. What he sent me was a picture of my ring. I was floored. It had been almost a week since I had lost it, but sure enough that was my wedding band.

My mind raced, and June 27, 2009 came flooding back into my mind’s eye: her dress; her smile; her laugh; her beauty. So many words echoed in my ears: “my friend;” “my love;” “my wife.”

Stuff is just stuff. But that doesn’t mean it can’t have sentimental value. Getting my ring back wasn’t just getting back a piece of gold. It was getting back the ring my wife placed on my hand the day we said “I do.” It was also a reminder of how amazing people can be. Total strangers, with no expectation of reimbursement, had gone out of their way to return something to me. I can’t say thank you enough, and one day I hope to be able to do the same for another. Thank you.



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Engagement Ring Recovered at Coquina Beach, Bradenton Beach, FLorida

Dianna, her fiancée Robby and three friends were out at Coquina Beach on Sunday evening to watch the sunset and play in the surf.  They were out about waist deep tossing a football when the ball came Dianna’s way. As she lunged to catch it she felt her engagement ring fly off. They all searched frantically for a couple hours but could not find it. The next morning Dianna found SRARC tagged on Facebook and clicked onto our website. She called Mike Miller and he scheduled a hunt for later that day. Tom Jones, Ed Osmar and Mike came together and met with Dianna at the beach at 2:00 pm. Dianna gave them the story and laid out the location she thought they should hunt. The group went to work and about 10 minutes later Mike found the ring right in the area Dianna had specified. When Tom gave her the thumbs up she could not believe it. We were just as happy returning her ring to her as she was to have it back on her finger. Just another great day at the beach with smiles all around.

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Engagement Ring Recovered at Lido Beach, Sarasota

Andrew and Danielle were recently engaged and were spending a day at the beach to relax and just spend time together. They had been enjoying the sun and decided to play a little in the water. Andrew grabbed a ball and headed out onto the water and Danielle quickly followed. As she ran into the water Andrew tossed her the ball. Danielle leaped to catch the ball and felt her beautiful engagement ring fly off of her finger. They couldn’t believe it was gone. Andrew had saved for 5 years so he could get just the right ring. They borrowed swim goggles and recruited others with swim goggles to help search for the ring but they couldn’t find it. Andrew started to look for metal detectors on his smart phone. The Ring Finders popped up with a recent recovery made by SRARC. He contacted us and because they were there at the beach waiting Mike Miller made a quick response request and then headed for the location. After arriving and getting the exact search area narrowed down, Mike went to work. It took about 15 minutes to find the ring and return it to a disbelieving Danielle. What fun it was to see the big grins on their faces when they had the ring back on Danielle’s finger.

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Anna Marie Island Gold and Diamond Wedding Rings Lost then Recovered

David and Jennifer were down from Virginia on a mini vacation and house hunting trip. While relaxing one evening at sunset Jennifer was in the water and David tossed her a ball. The ball landed just in front of her and she plunged her hand into the water to get it. She felt her wedding set fly right off her finger. She called to David for help but just then a big wave slammed into her and moved her away from where she had lost the rings. They looked until after dark but had no luck finding them. Both David and Jennifer are Gulf war veterans and while stationed in Iraq someone had stolen her first wedding set and now losing another set was just devastating. Jennifer started searching the internet for help and soon found SRARC on the Ring Finders site. She called Tom who called Mike and we set up a meet time and search for 7:00 am the next morning. Mike went right to work when he got there and searched for about an hour and a half before hitting the target he was looking for. He flipped a “thumbs up” toward the beach and got two great big smiles in return. It was a pleasure to meet both David and Jennifer and I want to offer them a big “Thank You” for their service to our country. It gave me a great big smile to be able to serve them in a small way. I look forward to hooking up with them again after they have relocated to Florida.

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Longboat Key Saint Christopher Pendant Recovered

Down in Florida from Michigan with his family for spring break, 8th grader, Spencer was soaking up the sun on his towel on the beach. Getting a little to hot he decided to take a dip in the water. He carefully removed his Saint Christopher’s pendant and placed it on his towel. Off he went for a swim and more beach activities with his family. When they were done for the day they picked all their beach items up and headed to the condo. Later that evening Spencer realized that he no longer had his Saint Christopher’s pendant. The whole family looked all around where they had placed their towels on the beach but could not find the pendant. After a couple day’s Spencer’s Mom, Karen, checked in at the lost and found department and happened to talk to an attendant that was around two months earlier when SRARC had recovered a wedding ring at the same complex. He gave her our number and she contacted Mike Miller on Sunday morning just as her son was leaving for home. Mike went right down and began a search. There were two possibilities so he thoroughly searched the most likely place first and when nothing showed up they moved to the second location. Just as Mike began the search Karen exclaimed, “there it is”, and plucked it out of the sand. SRARC didn’t find it this time, but I think we were the catalyst that helped Karen find it. It doesn’t matter who found it, it is the smiles that were on their faces after it was found that count. SRARC is happy we could be a small part of putting the smiles back on their faces.

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Platinum Wedding Band Recovered at Caspersen Beach

Joe, his wife, and children were visiting his wife’s family here in Florida for Spring Break. They traveled all the way from Ohio for some sunshine and had all gone to Caspersen Beach. This particular beach is well known for the millions of year old sharks teeth that can be found along the beach.

Joe was out in about waist deep water digging and sifting for shark teeth. When he returned to the beach he realized that his wedding band was missing. He rushed back into the water here he had been and dug with the shark tooth rake hoping to dig up the ring. No luck, so he returned to the beach and goggled for help. He soon found The Ring Finders and we setup a meeting for that afternoon.

Jay and Karen Ganz meet him at the location about 5:00 pm. The water was a little choppy but Karen braved it and began the hunt. She hunted for 2 hours and was battered by the waves as the west winds increased to 15 mph. After 2 hours she was exhausted but got one more target just as she was about to leave the water. She decided to dig the target and then quit. She finally got it in her scoop and walked out onto the beach without looking into the scoop. When she looked in the scoop, there it was. She pulled it out and asked Joe “Is this your ring?” He got a great big smile on his face and said “It sure is”

I believe that is recovery number 88 for the Ganz team. Congratulations on another great recovery!!!!!!!!!

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Sarasota Horse Ranch Golden Good Luck Recovery

Ann was working out on her horse ranch all day and when she finally got to go in for supper she noticed one of her wedding rings was missing. She has out lived two husbands and always wears both of her wedding rings to honor each of them. The missing ring was a horseshoe with diamonds in the shoe. She thought about were she had been and retraced all of her steps but could not find the ring. The next day she mentioned that she had lost one of her cherished rings to a neighbor. The neighbor did a Goggle search and found us at the Ring Finders site. She contacted Mike and he set up a hunt for Monday morning. The only other hunter that could make it was Rick. They met at 10:00 am and Ann explained that it must be in one of two locations. There was a small hay barn where she had fallen while loading hay for the horses and then the manure pile from where she had cleaned out the stalls. The barn was too small for two hunters so Rick took the hay barn and I started searching the path to the manure pile. I was in no big hurry to get to the manure pile so I took my time searching the trail. Before I got half way to the manure Rick came around the corner holding up a ring and yelling ” Does the ring look like this”. Ann yelled out “Oh Yes Yes!!!!!” From there on it was nothing but big smiles, High Five’s and Hugs. What a great day.

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Platium and Diamonds recovered at Anna Maria Island, Florida

Ed Osmar and Rick Magyar, were  metal detecting on Anna Maria Island at Holmes Beach. Ed went North, Rick went south. Soon Rick was approached by a woman and asked if he could look for a lost ring. ($1000.00 reward if found). Rick went to get Ed and get his wet suit out of the car so he could go in deep water.  Ed went in shallow water. Fifteen minutes later the ring was found by Ed.  About 2 hours later the ring was returned to the owner’s mother-in-law. She was prepared to give us a check for $1000.00.  We would not accept the gift; however we did suggest she might make a donation to our club, Suncoast Research and Recovery Club, if she wished. It turns out that she was the mother-in-law of the owner so we texted a picture of the ring to the owner so that he could identify it as the one he lost. Needless to say, he was quite happy! She will be returning the ring to the owner who lives in Michigan.

We at SRARC are very proud of both Rick and ED for a great recovery.