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Sarasota Horse Ranch Golden Good Luck Recovery

Ann was working out on her horse ranch all day and when she finally got to go in for supper she noticed one of her wedding rings was missing. She has out lived two husbands and always wears both of her wedding rings to honor each of them. The missing ring was a horseshoe with diamonds in the shoe. She thought about were she had been and retraced all of her steps but could not find the ring. The next day she mentioned that she had lost one of her cherished rings to a neighbor. The neighbor did a Goggle search and found us at the Ring Finders site. She contacted Mike and he set up a hunt for Monday morning. The only other hunter that could make it was Rick. They met at 10:00 am and Ann explained that it must be in one of two locations. There was a small hay barn where she had fallen while loading hay for the horses and then the manure pile from where she had cleaned out the stalls. The barn was too small for two hunters so Rick took the hay barn and I started searching the path to the manure pile. I was in no big hurry to get to the manure pile so I took my time searching the trail. Before I got half way to the manure Rick came around the corner holding up a ring and yelling ” Does the ring look like this”. Ann yelled out “Oh Yes Yes!!!!!” From there on it was nothing but big smiles, High Five’s and Hugs. What a great day.

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