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Platinum Wedding Band Recovered at Caspersen Beach

Joe, his wife, and children were visiting his wife’s family here in Florida for Spring Break. They traveled all the way from Ohio for some sunshine and had all gone to Caspersen Beach. This particular beach is well known for the millions of year old sharks teeth that can be found along the beach.

Joe was out in about waist deep water digging and sifting for shark teeth. When he returned to the beach he realized that his wedding band was missing. He rushed back into the water here he had been and dug with the shark tooth rake hoping to dig up the ring. No luck, so he returned to the beach and goggled for help. He soon found The Ring Finders and we setup a meeting for that afternoon.

Jay and Karen Ganz meet him at the location about 5:00 pm. The water was a little choppy but Karen braved it and began the hunt. She hunted for 2 hours and was battered by the waves as the west winds increased to 15 mph. After 2 hours she was exhausted but got one more target just as she was about to leave the water. She decided to dig the target and then quit. She finally got it in her scoop and walked out onto the beach without looking into the scoop. When she looked in the scoop, there it was. She pulled it out and asked Joe “Is this your ring?” He got a great big smile on his face and said “It sure is”

I believe that is recovery number 88 for the Ganz team. Congratulations on another great recovery!!!!!!!!!

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