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Miracle Recovery of a Stud Earring.. Huntington Beach, CA. .. In the Grass

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**** Jennifer was given a set of custom diamond stud ear rings by her parents, celebrating her graduation from law school. Each of the ear rings consists two pieces and a backing. One piece is called a jacket which the diamond stud is inserted.

Jennifer had been in the back yard of her Huntington Beach, CA. home hold her son when she realized her earring was missing. The backing was still on her ear. Women know that these backings sometimes stay on their ears after losing the earring.

Both her husband and Jennifer checked the grass small grass area where she discovered her earring missing. Her husband decided that he could remove some of the undesirable grass while doing the search. She knew there was a possibility that the earring could have hung up on her son’s clothing or her hair. So they also searched places around the patio and in the house before calling me for help. 

When I arrived Jennifer’s brother was walking to his car with a metal detector. He was totally upset with the detector realizing he didn’t understand how to operate it.

I have invested in a detector with high frequency settings that is very efficient for finding small stud earrings which have very little metal settings. Most detectorists know how difficult stud earrings can be to locate with a detector. Also most pinpointers can’t hit on a white gold stud earrings. Many times these stud are found by eye after finding the backing.

I started my search on the grass and soon found the larger jacket piece of the earring but the stud was not found. ( I placed a marker right away) . I couldn’t get another signal. Then went to the trash can to detect through the pieces of grass removed from the area. Lastly I removed four non ferrous screws from that 5’x 5’ grass area. Using two other detectors the stud was not detectable. 

Before leaving I gave Jennifer a exclamation of how difficult it is to find a stud. I could not tell her it was not in the same location I found the larger piece (jacket). I actually told her it might be findable by eye but could be just seeing the stud not the diamond. It was hard to walk away. 

The next day Jennifer called another detectorist. Who also had a high frequency detector with could get signals off the other stud earring. He was unable to find the diamond stud.

Here’s the miracle. The next day after being totally frustrated and confined to her house because of Covid. Jennifer went to the area I marked after finding the jacket. Using a kitchen fork and began to move some of the damp soil around the grass. She found the small stud 6” from the marker. When she texted me she said all she saw was a glimmer of silver color (white gold). She thanked me for finding the first piece that gave them the best possible location to search.

I know the limitations of my equipment and there is always the possibility that small metals can be masked by larger pieces of metal.

I think this stud was most likely laying in an odd angle, maybe with the diamond downward?

Happy to know Jennifer has her very sentimental set of earrings.

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Lost Platinum Ring in Sand at Laguna Beach, CA. … Found by a Ringfinder with a Metal Detector

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….. I received a call from a guy named Ridge asking for assistance to help him find his platinum wedding band. Yesterday, he had been at Victoria Beach one of many coves in Laguna Beach, CA. When he got home he realized his platinum wedding ring was missing. He thought that it had either come off in the surf or when he brushed the sand off his towel as he was leaving the beach.

He was on his way the next morning to search the dry sand where he had shook off his towel, although the most probable area his loss was the surf where he was most active.

Even though it was high tide and it would not be productive to search the water, I agreed to meet him where I could eliminate the dry sand area. At the same time I could get the location for a return search at the next low tide.

When we walked to the spot where Ridge had shook out his towel, I asked him if he had done any activity on the dry sand that might cause the ring to slip off his finger. He said that the only thing he can think of was brushing off his towel. He pointed up a little higher on the sloping sand. 

I turned on my metal detector making a few adjustments before walking up the embankment. I began a few swings of my detector telling Ridge I need to do a warm up before getting to the zone he was sitting. Boom! I got a signal right away,  10 ft. from where I was to start my search. Yes! The heavy platinum ring was there in my scoop when I retrieved the signal from the sand.

Both of us were surprised as the odds that the ring was lost in the ocean were much higher than it being in the dry sand. It was another time that it paid off just to search the location that was available while we had the time to eliminate part of several places the ring could have been lost. Also, he was a very happy guy, because he had really all but given up hope that a small ring could be found in a mass of sand. I hope I never get tired of helping people find their sentimental keepsakes.


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