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Lost mens wedding ring

  • from Lincoln (Nebraska, United States)

I was contacted to help locate a beautiful gold band with diamonds of only 6 months old. They thought for sure it was lost outside the wedding reception venue they were music mc’s at. It was really cold and he took off his gloves to work the key fob. After we talked about some of the events of the evening I detected the outside with no results.  We then went into the building and scanned all the trash bags, no results. We scoped in the cracks of the old barn floor with no results. We continued to rehash the events, finding another area to detect,  no results. We kept talking and discussing things that went on that night.  I told them that I was certain it was not outside or in the building, and the car and bags should be checked, based on him throwing a jacket in there, Boom, success. Because of our team work and relentless search of possible areas the ring was found.