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Found Keys In Burlington VT

  • from Barre (Vermont, United States)

This is my Winter for finding keys for people!
Got a call last night from a woman in Burlington who had lost keys to both their cars and the house. She was shoveling after a huge snowstorm and later realized her keys were missing. She searched all her pockets, the car, all through the house and in the snow as much as she could. I went up tonight after work and began by surface scanning all the snowbanks, and got no good signals. Then I got out my all-plastic shovel and we started digging through all the snow piles. She would dig and I would scan each shovel full. After about an hour, I could sense that she was getting discouraged and getting a sore back. So, I started digging, and she scanned. We were nearing the end of digging out all the piles when we found the keys. What a scream of relief! Those keys were going to cost a bunch of money. Now they have around $800 to spend on their 3 year old daughter, instead of buying 2 car keys!
Another awesome search ending!