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Recovered 3 Ring Rose Gold Wedding set from a Horse Ranch Olympia WA

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)

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I received an email from Chelsea asking if I would be interested in helping her search for a rose gold three ring wedding set she lost at the horse ranch. I gave her a call to gather more details. She told me that she arrive at work at the ranch and realized she still had her wedding ring on. She clearly remembered taking it off and placing it in her pocket. She remembered it was a bit cold and she took her gloves off a few times and placed them in the same coat pocket as the ring. We both had a strong idea that when she took the gloves out of her coat pocket it most likely dragged the ring out and fell some where on the ranch property. She realized quickly after getting home and checking her coat pocket that the ring was missing. Her husband even helped her by unbolting the passenger side car seat and searching the best they could with no ring found. She didn’t sound so confident being that the ring went missing two months prior. I reassured her that the details of her story were in her favor. You didn’t loose in an active river, out in the middle of a high traffic public area and you have a clear memory of the last pace you had the ring. We set a schedule to meet and she later asked me are you sure because we are in the middle of a huge rain storm. I reassured her I am prepared and ready to go find your ring!

I arrived at the ranch all geared up for the weather with plenty of equipment in hand. I also reminded her if after searching the whole property if the ring was not recovered not to worry.  I was fully prepared to search the rest of her vehicle with my video endoscope checking all possible cracks and under all seats to be absolutely sure.

After a three and a half hour search I recovered her ring buried under several inches of wood chips in the arena. I am very certain this ring would not have never been recovered without the aid of an experienced metal detecting recovery specialist. I am also very honored to have been trusted to assist in the recovery of Chelsea’s lost wedding ring. 

Watch this exciting story unfold as I search an entire horse ranch for Chelsea’s missing diamond ring set:


Jeff Morgan