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Lost Ring on the 4th of July

  • from Erie (Pennsylvania, United States)

Lost Ring on the 4th of July

Kim contacted me on July 14th after receiving a referral for me on a local Facebook group. Over the 4th of July weekend, her son and family were playing soccer at our local high school. Her son put his ring on his gym bag during the game, but forget the ring was on there when he went to pick up the bag to leave.

Kim and her family tried searching for the ring themselves, even renting a metal detector and searching the field. Unfortunately, as the holiday weekend came to an end, her son and his wife had to travel back home, without his ring. As the search continued and the ring was nowhere to be found, Kim posted in a local group for help.

I met Kim and her husband at the soccer field where they showed me the area they believed the ring was lost 10 days earlier. I began my search and found the ring in 20 minutes.

I gave the ring to Kim and her husband and they couldn’t believe it was recovered. They¬† immediately Facetimed their son to give him the good news!

Thank you, Kim and family for entrusting me to locate the lost wedding band!