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Christmas in January! Dione contacted me on the night before Christmas Eve day with a story of a lost wedding ring. On the day before, she was driving on the entrance road to a strip shopping center while running some errands  when another car turned in front of her almost hitting her. After a brief confrontation with the other driver, Dione headed to her bank and then drove home. After arriving home, Dione realized that her wedding ring was missing so she and her husband Timm immediately retraced her steps including searching on the shopping center entrance road which had a grassy median. Dione had become convinced that her loosely fitting ring had flown off when she was having an animated discussion with the other driver. She  told me that she had also thoroughly searched her home to no avail. Despite their best efforts, Dione and Timm had failed to find the wedding ring.
I met Timm the next morning at the shopping center search location and became somewhat discouraged to see that there was very little grass on the roadside or in the median for the ring to hide and that this was a high traffic area. I searched for over an hour anyway under Timm’s direction and we quickly determined that either the ring was not lost here or was picked up by someone. I started talking to Timm about reaching out to the Sheriff’s Department as well as searching at home again when Timm said that it was possible that the ring could have fallen off Dione’s finger in their yard. I told Timm that I could search his yard as well so we traveled 15 minutes to the home. I was unable to recover the ring after a 30 minute search.
Before I left, I told Timm and Dione to continue their search in the home but try to enjoy their Christmas because they had several grandchildren visiting and we would reconnect after the holiday.
Later that evening I received a text from Timm with great news. Granddaughter Mila knew where the ring was because she had taken it from her grandmother’s makeup room. The best Christmas gift ever!



Lost Wedding Ring Honeymoon Island, Fl. … Found!!

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I received a text from Tammy last Saturday evening asking me if I helped people find lost rings on Honeymoon Island, Dunedin Fl. Tammy and her husband live in Illinois and were visiting her sister Becky and parents in Dunedin for her birthday. Earlier that day, they were enjoying some beach time when Tammy removed her wedding ring (white gold and diamonds) to apply sunscreen, either laying it on her towel or in the cup holder of the chair. Several hours later, Tammy and Becky moved their chairs to a less windy location but Tammy didn’t realize that her ring was missing until she had left the beach. She guessed that either the ring had flown off the towel when she shook the sand off or it dropped from the chair when she folded it up. Tammy returned to search for the ring but was unable to locate it before it got dark. Becky posted the lost ring on several neighborhood sites and Tammy had found me and the Ring Finders through an internet search.

I met Tammy and Becky at Dog Beach on Honeymoon Island on Sunday morning. My wife Jan came along to outline grids and for moral support and Becky’s neighbor Chip helped search with an older Garrett detector. They were certain that the ring was lost at their first beach location but the the first grid area was still several hundred feet long by about 75 feet wide (fortunately, tides would not be an issue). I searched this area while Chip searched an area further south. After several hours of finding only pull tabs, bottle caps, and a few coins, I quickly searched Chip’s area again while he moved north of the first search area. I swept some of the north area as well including their second beach location which was easily identified by some beach vegetation before we decided to take a break after about three hours. Tammy was obviously discouraged and had not slept much the night before. She was scheduled to fly back to Illinois at 6am Monday morning.

I went home for about an hour and returned to the beach to renew the search. I swept the first area again and then went further south than I had previously searched. I continued to recover some beach trash as well as coins but I was digging every target. I then moved back to the north search area to work a new grid. After another two hours of searching, I had yet to recover the ring and I needed to leave to meet friends for dinner. As I walked even further north towards the beach access still swinging my Nox, I registered an 11-12 about 4” deep. I had similar targets earlier but dug only scrap. I was so tired of digging with the scoop I just kicked the spot with my foot until I uncovered the target which of course turned out to be Tammy’s ring! Call it just pure luck or maybe divine guidance, but I walked over the exact spot while leaving the beach! At first I just looked in disbelief and then looked around for someone to celebrate with but unfortunately I had the beach to myself.

I texted Tammy a photo of the ring and received an exclamation point filled reply. Coincidentally, my wife and I were to have dinner with friends that evening at a home near where Tammy was staying so I returned the wedding ring to her that evening.

Tammy, thank you for allowing me to help you recover your precious wedding ring.



Lost Ring in New Port Richey, FL…Found!

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I received a call from Ron in New Port Richey regarding a special horseshoe gold and diamond ring that he had lost in his side yard yesterday while out with his dog. After a twenty minute search through grass and leaves, I detected the ring under the leaves and about an inch of soil. The smiles and hug made my day! If you have lost a ring or a valued metal possession, don’t give up; call a member TheRingFinders