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Diamond Engagement Ring Found in Tampa, FL

  • from Tampa (Florida, United States)

We enjoyed a fun night at Raymond James last night with the family at the Morgan Wallen concert. The traffic was predictably terrible on the way out and it was after midnight when we finally arrived home.

I checked my phone before bed and noticed multiple missed calls and a text saying a ring was lost. The location was back at the stadium where another concert attendee had lost her engagement ring after the concert.

Because of the time and location, I felt the ring wouldn’t have been found by anyone else and it would be best to meet in the morning to search with the help of daylight and rested eyes. We arranged a 7:00am meeting at the loss location. Timing was urgent due to the couple needing to catch a flight home home in the afternoon the next day.

In the morning, I met with the Erika and her fiancée, who hadn’t gotten much sleep. They explained the ring had flown off her hand, hit a tree branch and fell somewhere in the grass between the parking lot and sidewalk. It was obvious the grassy area had been extensively searched by hand by a group of people the night prior.

I got to work below the tree branch and located the ring in less than five minutes. It was exactly where they said it would be, but below the grass line into the soft dirt. The ring had been stepped on during the previous search! It was undamaged, but it was dirty and pushed well below the grass. It was not visible to the naked eye.

I’m thankful Erika quickly reached out to the ring finders and to Mike McInroe, who referred her to me to assist with this recovery!

Lost Gold Ring in Lake Padgette, Fl., Found by Tampa Ring Finder Jason Connolly!!!

  • from Dunedin (Florida, United States)

My wife and I recently spent about six weeks in Texas for the birth of our second grandson. While there, I received a several messages from individuals who had lost jewelry in my area of Dunedin, Florida so I began to coordinate recovery efforts with experienced and trustworthy detectorists back home. I also was able to join a Texas A&M lost ring page and tried to do what I could to help reunite grads with their lost rings including three detecting searches in Texas as well as helping a grad find his ring that was for sale in a Houston pawn shop!

Jennifer contacted me from the Land o’ Lakes area and said that her fiancé had lost his gold ring in the edge of a lake while trying to skip a rock across the lake surface. His mother had given him the ring so it had a great deal of sentimental value. Jennifer had tried using her son’s metal detector to find the ring in the water but had no luck. I told Jennifer that I was out of town for a few more weeks but that I would contact Jason Connolly, the Tampa Ring Finder to coordinate a search for her as the lake was in his “territory” anyway. Jason met Jennifer on site and after about a 45 minute search was able to recover the ring in thigh deep water and return the ring to her!

Congratulations to Jennifer and to Jason for a job well done! Thank you to Jennifer for trusting the Dunedin Ring Finder to help you find your fiancé’s precious ring!