Lost Gold Ring in Lake Padgette, Fl., Found by Tampa Ring Finder Jason Connolly!!!

  • from Dunedin (Florida, United States)

My wife and I recently spent about six weeks in Texas for the birth of our second grandson. While there, I received a several messages from individuals who had lost jewelry in my area of Dunedin, Florida so I began to coordinate recovery efforts with experienced and trustworthy detectorists back home. I also was able to join a Texas A&M lost ring page and tried to do what I could to help reunite grads with their lost rings including three detecting searches in Texas as well as helping a grad find his ring that was for sale in a Houston pawn shop!

Jennifer contacted me from the Land o’ Lakes area and said that her fiancé had lost his gold ring in the edge of a lake while trying to skip a rock across the lake surface. His mother had given him the ring so it had a great deal of sentimental value. Jennifer had tried using her son’s metal detector to find the ring in the water but had no luck. I told Jennifer that I was out of town for a few more weeks but that I would contact Jason Connolly, the Tampa Ring Finder to coordinate a search for her as the lake was in his “territory” anyway. Jason met Jennifer on site and after about a 45 minute search was able to recover the ring in thigh deep water and return the ring to her!

Congratulations to Jennifer and to Jason for a job well done! Thank you to Jennifer for trusting the Dunedin Ring Finder to help you find your fiancé’s precious ring!




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