Angels In The Outfield, Lost Silver Pendant, Vancouver Park

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Lost Silver Angel Pendant...Found

Angel Pendant lost...Found

Well today I had a search for a lost silver angel pendent, at a park in Vancouver. It was lost at a rugby practice, my first thought was that some young man had lost it…Wrong! Some young lady had lost it while training.

Normally I wouldn’t search for something lost without the permission of the person first, but the person posted it on the internet with the exact location. I couldn’t get out the day I saw the post because of work so I went out the next day.

When I arrived at the location and started my grid search I could tell that someone else had already searched the area for the lost pendant.

I was a little set back at the thought that someone must of already found it, but it was such a nice day I decided to search anyway.

I started my grid where the person left off, instead of continuing the grid north I back tracked south toward the area that was already searched.

That was a good call as it didn’t take long before something silver caught my eye, my first thought was…that’s a dime, but closer inspection it turned out to be the pendant!

It was nice meeting you Amy! And thank you for the generous reward!

I love my job!

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  1. Steve Mack says:

    Hi Chris, Nice find. It was in a large sports field, and I know how hard that can be. You have the Gift!


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