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Prepper Father-n- Law Dies leaving hundreds of Buried Silver Coins

  • from Dallas (Texas, United States)

We got a call early this morning from a gentleman who said that his father-in-law passed away recently.  His father-in-law was a serious Prepper, he was heavily fortified and heavily stocked in every area of life.  He said 6 or 7 years ago he had shown he and his wife a Google Earth photo showing where he had buried Multiple Boxes of 500 coins each and many packages of 100 silver coins in plastic ammo containers.

He and his family had spent 8-10 hours digging in the known places and discovered many boxes of silver everything from 6 inches to 36 inches in depth.  They were exhausted and needed help.  They rented a metal detector but it did not work well for them so they went searching and found the Dallas Ring Finders.

Ellen and I drove out as soon as we got the call. It was 161 miles one way to reach the location.  We reached the home, met the family and were shown around the property and shown the 4 potential locations of the Silver coins.  Just want to say it was 103 degrees today.  We went to work with our Garrett ATPro metal detectors and Pinpointers.

The ground was really just pure sand, very easy to dig.  We were able to scan the boxes of Silver that they had found the day before to get our search signals and searched for 3 hours, digging dozens of holes.  The challenge was there was so much metal debris all over the search areas…   (NOTE:  history tells us that people who buried things sometimes scatter scrap metal all over their buried items to discourage metal detectorists from digging).

I am not going to disclose what we found but we may be returning for further digging and possibly bring a small backhoe to take off the top 2-3 feet of soil to make it a little easier to detect.

Suggestion, if you or someone in your family buries things on their property, please, please, please make a map or show someone where your items are so that everything can be recovered when you’re gone.

Awesome day helping a family who was completely overwhelmed.

Don & Ellen

Dallas Ring Finders