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Huntington State Beach Peace Officer’s Badge .. Recovered

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Huntington State Beach.. Peace Officer Badge


I received a call from a Huntington State Beach Peace Officer. He found me on TheRingFinders website. These officers are permanent year round employees that patrol the state beach, usually in a vehicle. They are also certified lifeguards sometimes having to perform rescues.
Two days before,  one of their officers had to leave his vehicle removing his uniform to go into the surf for a rescue. In the process, he believes his badge fell into the sand. After searching his vehicle, not finding it he called me.
We met an hour after the call and he walked me out to the general location. Our hope was to find the badge. If we couldn’t find it, we could eliminate this area. It was a 40 x 40ft. location and the badge showed up after about 20minutes. I was careful while using the scoop. I didn’t want to damage the nice looking badge. It was another special day and I was glad to help the patrol officers as they have always been friendly and helpful to me. I know that in the future they can recommend our group.

Sunday  August 8,2015


Lost Watch

  • from Carlsbad (California, United States)

Called to find a lost watch, She said it was dropped off Lifegaurd tower @ 1:30 am last night. I went
right down to check around tower.
Nothing found anywhere near tower.
Just got a message that she found it this morning in her car.
Goes to show not everyone knows where they lost their item.

Lost Ring Carlsbad, Ca

  • from Carlsbad (California, United States)

Got a call form a man at my local beach, Any chace you could help me find my ring today. Sure can I’m 7 mins away. See ya soon.
Pull up and he’s saved me a spot to park. Grab my Whites PI and head out with him.
He shows me a 15×15 ft area, so I walk to the far left side to start, he gestures in front of him. I just smile. I do one loop around the square and stop. His wife again shows me over here. I get eye contact with her to let her know I got it. I ask him one more time, he says I threw ball and it went right here. I smiled and with my scoop did one scoop and handed him the bucket to remove his ring. Damn. People sitting to the right all start clapping. Its a good feeling.

Lost Wedding Ring at Waikiki Beach…Found!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)


Hot muggy day on Oahu when I received a panic phone call from Jodi who just lost her ring at Waikiki Beach.  She explained to me that she had just entered the water and reached up to adjust her ponytail when she felt her ring slip off into the water.  There was a little bit of surf not too bad so she tried feeling around for her ring with her bare feet.  The combination of sand and stones made it very difficult to feel anything let alone the ring, so after 10 hopeful minutes she gave up.  A tourist on the beach told her she saw a guy metal detecting the previous day with a shirt that said, “Ringfinder something or other”  Jodi quickly did a Google search on her phone and found the site and that’s where I come in.  She called my cellphone and I just happened to be a few blocks away and could be there in about 5 minutes.  Knowing the ring was just lost moments ago I asked Jodi a few simple questions then I walked into the water where Jodi said she had been standing when she lost her ring.  It wasn’t 30 seconds when I had a target on my Excalibur and with a nice gentle scoop there was her ring.  It was almost too easy.  I wish every search could be like this.  Then Jodi faded away?  The ring, place and situation is real unfortunately Jodi is not.  I’m sure this ring had some wonderful memories attached to it but they are now lost forever because the owner probably never heard of The Ring Finders.  We are here to help.  Aloha, Joe

Lost Gold Cross… Found in Davenport, Iowa


Hi everyone,

I received a call yesterday from Tom about a lost gold cross his son had. Tom had bought two of these crosses in Greece one for each of his sons. His son Tony, who is a college student, was at a friends house over the fourth of July. They were playing on one of those yellow slippery slide things in the friends backyard plus throwing a Frisbee.

Tony felt his chain slip down his neck and was able to catch it but there was no gold cross on the broken chain. He said they searched the area but was unable to find the cross. They tried again last night with a flashlight hoping they would pick up a glimmer from the gold. With no luck.

Most people in my area are do-it-yourselfers, so Tom rented a detector and tried to find it. He was unsuccessful. He then gave me the go ahead to come search for the lost gold cross.

I arrived at 10:30 this morning and Tony showed me two different areas where he thought he lost his cross. It wasn’t in the first area.

It took about an hour and I finally got the signal I was hoping to hear! I could see a chunk of gold peaking through the grass. I like a happy ending and so did this family.

Happy Hunting Everyone