Lost Gold Cross... Found in Davenport, Iowa


Hi everyone,

I received a call yesterday from Tom about a lost gold cross his son had. Tom had bought two of these crosses in Greece one for each of his sons. His son Tony, who is a college student, was at a friends house over the fourth of July. They were playing on one of those yellow slippery slide things in the friends backyard plus throwing a Frisbee.

Tony felt his chain slip down his neck and was able to catch it but there was no gold cross on the broken chain. He said they searched the area but was unable to find the cross. They tried again last night with a flashlight hoping they would pick up a glimmer from the gold. With no luck.

Most people in my area are do-it-yourselfers, so Tom rented a detector and tried to find it. He was unsuccessful. He then gave me the go ahead to come search for the lost gold cross.

I arrived at 10:30 this morning and Tony showed me two different areas where he thought he lost his cross. It wasn’t in the first area.

It took about an hour and I finally got the signal I was hoping to hear! I could see a chunk of gold peaking through the grass. I like a happy ending and so did this family.

Happy Hunting Everyone


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  1. Fantastic… and what a beautiful cross! No wonder that he wanted to find it.

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