Gold Necklace Lost In Backyard Found In Bixby, Oklahoma

  • from Broken Arrow (Oklahoma, United States)

I had a missed call. Called the number and said what can I for you. A young lady had said that she had lost a gold necklace in her back yard. I got her address and said I’m on my way. When I arrived I talked to VANIA and she told me what had happened. She said her boyfriend was messing around and said I can find ur necklace if I throw it in the backyard. Well 6 days later the necklace was still missing. So I went and VANIA showed me the area. I started the search and her boyfriend said it’s definitely over by the fence. So I searched no necklace yet. I went back to the edge of the patio and started from there took about 5 steps and that sweet sound was nice to hear. (They couldn’t find the necklace because it blended in so good in the dead grass, I had to use my pinpointer.) Thanks VANIA for getting ahold of me.