Lost Heirloom Gold Diamond Ring in Mountain Snow

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)


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Morgan called me three days after Thanksgiving searching for a way to recover her lost family heirloom gold diamond ring. Her aunt had recently passed this ring onto her and it meant a great deal to Morgan. Holding true to her boyfriend Jake’s holiday tradition they found themselves with family and friends up the snowy mountain the day after Thanksgiving with Christmas tree permits in hand. With  a few inches of snow on the ground Morgan had fallen into the snow. When she got up she flicked her gloveless hands to get the cold snow off. However along with the cold snow she also flicked off her precious diamond ring! She was very upset and soon every one was looking through all the snow to see if they could find the ring. They had no success so Morgan went online to find a way to get her beloved heirloom white gold diamond ring recovered. When she came across TheRingFinders she found my success stories and gained some much need hope that maybe the ring could be recovered after all she was certain where she lost it.

During our phone conversation it became clear to us that we need to make quick plans to get up the hill before the winter snow really started to fall. Our main concern was being able to get up the hill safely to recover the ring before a huge dumping of winter show and ice really showed showed. This would force us to wait until the spring thaw. Something we really didn’t want to do even though this ares is not traveled like our cities there is still quite a few locals that enjoy the area all year around. The chance of someone eyeballing the ring was something we certainly did not want to risk.

One week later on a Saturday Morgan’s boyfriend and one of his buddies agreed to meetup to tackle the hill. To our grateful surprise a lot of snow and ice they had experience the previous week had melted. We made great time up the hill and before long I was in full swing after the heirloom white gold diamond ring.


Watch this exciting story unfold in the beauty of our Pacific North West forest:


Jeff Morgan