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Tesoro Metal Detectors 

  • from Fort Worth (Texas, United States)

Waiting for this heat to be over with to start detecting again! 


Detector check up time

  • from Fort Worth (Texas, United States)

Now with the bad weather its a good time to check up your metal detecting equipment and get ready for that next call. I’m ready to go!

Lost Cartier Love Bracelet Found in Stephenville, Texas

  • from Fort Worth (Texas, United States)

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I received a call from Trina Murray in June of 2014. She explained that she had lost  her 18k gold Cartier Love bracelet while out riding her horse on a large pasture on a friends farm back in February. One of her riding friends had found one half of her bracelet. It was a very sentimental piece since her parents had bought it for her in the 80’s. I scheduled to go out and perform the search on Friday August 1st, 2014. When we arrived her friend showed us the approximate location where she  found the other half, by a clump of trees. As this was a large area I enlisted the help of my partner Alex. Trina showed up and said she also rode over to the end of the trail and unmounted her horse there. I asked her to leave a marker there for us to search. Trina had to leave and I told her I would call her and keep in touch. Her friend showed us the normal horse trails they ride and we started scanning 3 pronounced trails in the 8 – 10 inch tall grass. We searched for about two hours about 500 feet each direction from a clump of trees where the other half was found. Then we searched the end of the trail where Trina left the marker about 1200 feet from the trees. At that point we were going to search the other side towards a fenced area, another 1500 feet from the trees. I decided to scan the right trail on the way back that Alex had searched on the way up. At about 400 feet from the trees I got a very strong repeatable signal and I prayed this was it. As I knelt down and brushed away the dirt and dead grass there it was gold shining in the Texas sun. Boy we were excited! I called Trina and told her we had no luck. She asked if she could mail me a check for our trip charges and I said I needed her to sign our search contract, she gave me her address and off we went. When we arrived I showed her the contract and told her we had to show what we did find. I pulled out some aluminum pieces from my bag, then a 22 bullet, a large washer, and another 22 magnum bullet, I then said sorry no bracelet, then looking back in my bag I said but we did find a half  bracelet! Wow her face lit up and she could not believe we found it, she was so excited and happy and gave me a big hug! Thank you so much Trina for the great experience and reward! It was our pleasure in helping you locate your beautiful Love bracelet. Alex and I are so very glad that we made your day. We may have to go back some day and ride those beautiful horses!

New Tesoro Tejon

  • from Fort Worth (Texas, United States)


I have added a new metal detector to my arsenal. This Tesoro Tejon will be a great addition to my detecting capabilities. If there are any deep rings or jewelry this baby will definitely find the goods. As always I try to maintain and train with the best possible equipment to help me locate clients lost valuables

Lost Ring in Arlington, Texas….Found!

  • from Fort Worth (Texas, United States)

Found my first ring with RingFinders!

I received a call from Jerry Sessions from Arlington, Tx., on Thursday May 15th 2014. He explained that he lost his ring last year, (spring 2013) while gardening in his backyard, and was pretty sure of the location. He tried to locate it with a rented metal detector but could not locate it. He happened across Ringfinders online and called me. I scheduled with him to come out on Saturday May 17th. I started searching at 5:30pm and dug several clad coins along with other items and trash. At about 7:45 we agreed that I would come back to continue, he went inside to get me a check for my trip charge when bam at 7:50 I received a strong signal in the grass area. When he came out I asked is this what your looking for. He was very excited and called his wife out, she was also very excited and happy, and she took some pictures of us. I was really glad that I kept searching. It was an honor  to find your ring Jerry, Thank you for the reward.


Victorian Home Search Corsicana Tx

  • from Fort Worth (Texas, United States)

Hired to search this Victorian Home in Corsicana Texas for possible buried cache of jewelry, silver or gold.

Did not locate any caches. Found some old relics, and a few old coins. It was an interesting and fun experience!


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Lost Ring Fort Worth, Texas Tarrant County

  • from Fort Worth (Texas, United States)

Hello, my name is Henry Lucero and I joined Ring Finders to help recover and reunite lost jewlery with its rightful owner. We help recover lost valuables  (rings, silver, gold, watches, coins, cell phones, keys, any metallic valuable object) throughout the Dallas and Fort Worth metroplex and all surrounding areas. If you need our help please contact us ASAP.