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Lost Engagement Ring Found Outside of Calgary

  • from Cochrane (Alberta, Canada)

Dec 31, 2020

Katrina called me about the custom Saphire and Diamond engagement ring she lost while cross country skiing near Turner Valley.  After chatting for a while, we decided that it would be more of a closure hunt (where it isn’t) than a ring find due to the fact that she covered a total of 10 km while skiing. We would check the places where she stopped for breaks.  We searched a lot of area that day.  Four hours later we returned and did a couple of final checks. You always find it in the last place you look.


Metal Detecting a Ring Lost on the Outskirts of Calgary

  • from Cochrane (Alberta, Canada)

Mark contacted me. Found me on Kijiji but used “TheRingfinders.com”  to make sure I was on the up and up.  He was in the backyard with his dogs and when he went back in his ring was gone. His gut instinct was that it fell off when he was throwing the ball.  When I arrived, there was lots of evidence that he had been looking for it already. A big patch of snow had been cleared. His words were, “Before I rented a detector I thought I would give you a chance.” Good choice Mark. I have had several people rent a detector, only to tell me they had no clue what the sounds meant.  I searched the area  with no luck. Then we followed the path back to the back door. I had one tone, which we looked at and moments later another. I love it when I hear the ring’s actual tone in my headphones.  We grabbed the camera for the reveal. Awesome.  Less than a year married, and just back from his honeymoon, Mark is glad to have his ring back and is planning on resizing it.

Film Maker’s Wedding Ring Found By Calgary Ringfinder. JC Effect Crosses the Mountains.

  • from Cochrane (Alberta, Canada)

Al called me.  He was up at Fortress Mountain filming a commercial. The Vancouver film maker had wrapped up the filming and was packing up. About halfway back to the highway he realized his ring was missing. They went back and with the help of four others, searched for the ring to no avail. That night while talking with his wife, she mentioned that she had seen a piece on TV about a professional ring finder finding the actor Jon Cryer’s lost ring. With that information, he was able to find me on the internet.  We chatted at length and arranged for me to get access to the ski hill (it is closed to the public) the next day. It had to be the next day because the forecast was for snow….lots of it.  While Al was heading for the airport, I was up at the hill searching for his ring. With the great details Al provided, we began our hunt. A few minutes in, I heard the beautiful tone of a surface target. Moments later, the ring was revealed under a light dusting of snow.

Once back in cell coverage I sent a picture of the ring to Al.  His words…”Woohoo. That is amazing. I am so thrilled.” It will soon be in his hands.

Lost Engagement Ring Found After a Calgary Blizzard

  • from Cochrane (Alberta, Canada)

Received a call from Perry, a metal detecting friend of mine. He was contacted by a gentleman asking to rent his detector. Instead of renting it, he called me up and invited my to join him on a hunt. Together we arrived at the location. A quick description let us know that the ring came off, bounced off his truck’s running board (he heard it) and disappeared! With that information we had the location narrowed down to a very small area. Perry fired up his machine and in a matter of moments heard the sound he was looking for. A quick bit of pinpointing and the ring was soon in the hands of one very happy owner.  I just realized that being a part of the find is just as good as being the finder. The smile on his face makes it all worth while.

Not just rings. Keys too!

  • from Cochrane (Alberta, Canada)

Got a call out last night. Lots of snow this week means lots of shovelling and the potential for all sorts of things to get lost. Rings, phones and keys.  Ryan was shovelling his driveway and when he was finished he realized his keys were gone. After checking inside the truck without luck, it left only one possibility; they were dropped between the truck and the house and most likely when he cleared the driveway.  We talked it over and he described his task as basically pushing the snow off the edge. So I checked the edge.  When that did not work, I expanded my search and eventually found the keys. It must have been one of the odd times he threw the snow because they close to 6 feet from the edge. No matter, Ryan has his keys and he can breathe easy. Keys aren’t cheap but even more, the hassle of replacing them is costly as well. Thanks for the generous reward.

Lost Ring Returned 37 Years Later

  • from Cochrane (Alberta, Canada)

Four months ago, while searching the grounds of the school I teach at, up pops a 1972 Kingston General Hospital School of Nursing grad ring.  With nothing but the school and year to go on, I started a 3 month search for the owner.  For the whole story… listen to the audio or read the article below.  I love the moment of return.

CBC KGH ring article

Lost Ring Found…..but in the most unexpected way!!!

  • from Cochrane (Alberta, Canada)

I talked to Tina. She was desperate to get her ring back. She had lost it while walking on the Crescent Heights ridge overlooking our city’s downtown. What started as a lovely walk ended in panic when she got home and found her necklace was broken and the ring and cross that hung upon it were gone.

The cross was nice, but the ring, it was the last thing her mom gave her a year ago just before she passed. It was the only physical reminder she had of her mom and now it was gone.

Tina and I walked the route she had taken and the one she had already searched. For the most part it was on a hard packed heavily used path or the sidewalk across the street. I pretty well knew that if it fell there, it was already gone/picked up. There was a section in the park and I promised to search it.

She left and I looked. My friend Perry has a metal detector as well and I invited him to join me in the park as he only lived a few blocks away. We searched to no avail. So there ends the story.

Not so. Perry calls me a few days later. His neighbour messaged him and asked if he knows how to tell if a ring is gold or not.  When he finally gets to see the ring it turns out to be the ring lost by Tina.

It took a while but the ring is back in Tina’s hands. A little worse for wear but with a little TLC, it will be back in shape as a constant reminder of her mom’s love.  Just in time for the 1 year remembrance gathering in honour of her mom.  Tears flowed.

PS  We haven’t given up on finding the cross.










Tina’s Story

“One afternoon I was walking crescent heights in Calgary with my girls, one of which was a toddler who was on again/ off again getting a piggy back ride from mama. Upon our arrival at home, I felt what I thought was a hair on my neck to only discover my chain had snapped! Well on that chain was a ring left to me by my mother who passed away at the same time last year! I was devastated to say the least, we traveled a pretty vast distance with truly no rhyme or reason to our path. I went into panic mode and contacted the local school, put up posters and walked that area for countless hours- NOTHING!
The next day I posted something on Calgary lost and found to have someone suggest contacting a metal detector group, and from there I met Evan ( angel to say the least) in our chat I discovered he had already begun searching for the ring, not even knowing one another yet! (The school put out a post)
We met the following day, I showed him my route, he seemed doubtful yet optimistic as the distance was vast yet contained if that makes sense…?

This man searched for hours on end, and no ring to be found! Again just devastated. Especially as I was approaching the anniversary of my mother’s passing!

One day closer to the date, I got a message from Evan indicating that someone approached a metal detecting buddy of his and they believed the ring was found!!! My heart was in my throat- honestly.

Evan and his friend rushed to get that ring to me, and although that ring was damaged it was the ring!!! The band was damaged but all stones in place!

Evan went above and beyond to help me find this ring! From his countless hours of search, to holding my hand, and offering encouragement all along, to hand delivering the ring, but days before my mother’s passing anniversary.

In this case the ring finder was so good, the ring found him! I am forever indebted to him, not only for physical efforts but his support! Words can’t express what this man has done for me and if I ever lose anything again (fingers crossed I don’t) he’s the best guy for the case!

On a side note there was a cross on that chain too, and he still continues to search for it! I’m amazed at his devotion ( the thrill of the hunt? 🤔) either way I’m grateful beyond words! “

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Evan!

Lost Ring Found at Boat Launch

  • from Cochrane (Alberta, Canada)

Sometimes the journey is what matters. Shane called me about his wedding ring, lost 8 days after his 10th anniversary. He was loading his boat back on the trailer. While winding the winch, he felt the ring go and he was sure it fell into the murky water. After searching for close to an hour, he was forced to give up as he had his 6 year old twins with him.

While searching for ideas on how to find a lost ring, he came across the ring finders and my bio. We talked for half an hour and came up with an elaborate plan on what we would do when we got there. Starting with the detector and finishing with using a wet vac to suck up the gravel from under the corrugated concrete.

When we arrived at the lau


nch after a 90+ minute drive, we hopped out. His first comment was how much lower the water was and how much clearer it was.  He and I walked down the ramp and started to visually look for it. About 1 minute in, Shane bends down and picks up his ring. High fives. He has found his custom made rose and white gold ring..

The next 45 minutes were spent trying to learn how the simple metal detector he had purchased earlier worked. The end result….it doesn’t.

Thanks Shane for the opportunity to make you smile!!

Lost Diamond Earring found in Calgary

  • from Cochrane (Alberta, Canada)

Got a call!  Tom’s wife lost a diamond earring when it got caught in a badminton net she was moving. They looked for it without luck. That’s when they called me. Stud earrings are small and hard to find with a standard coil. I swept the second area with my usual coil but found it wouldn’t pick it up. So I swap

ped to my sniper coil and started the search. It didn’t take too long. Key to the success was the fact they knew where and when it was lost.

Lost Necklace found in Calgary

  • from Cochrane (Alberta, Canada)

I received a call from Susan who was quite distraught about losing her necklace. The one she bought when she was 21. Now, 43 years later, the necklace was lost when she swiped at our seriously nasty mosquitoes. After searching herself using a rake in the grass she looked for help and found me.  I came out the next day and she brought me to where she lost it. She knew where it was because she marked the path with a chalk X (Brilliant!) The path turned out to be the paved path that travels the length of the provincial park in our city. Dozens, even hundreds of people used the path between when the necklace was lost and when I arrived.  Susan began her own search and I set up my detector to search the grass along the edge of the path. I had barely begun when I caught a glint of gold on the pathway. I pulled out my camera and captured the moment when she received her necklace.

Here is a note from Susan

The evening of July 25/20, I lost my necklace in Fish Creek Park, Calgary. On a Google search I found Evan’s name, and phoned him the next afternoon.
Evan met me in the park a couple of hours after phoning him.  I did have the location marked where I lost my necklace, and with Evan’s experience,  found it in no time.  Evan is a skilled professional, who genuinely cares.  I felt very comfortable around him.  I highly recommend Evan’s services.
Thank you Evan.
Sincerely, Susan