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Lost Ring Found in Calgary’s Kananaskis Playground

  • from Cochrane (Alberta, Canada)

Sam called me up. Her husband and her went camping in Kananaskis country. A hot day and lead to a dip in the cold creek.  When it was over, his ring was gone.  They spent two days looking for it without any luck and potential cases of hypothermia. When I arrived, we chatted a little and then I got to work. Fifteen minutes later, the ring was back in her hands. Another happy ending.  Watch the video for the full story.

From Sam

“Working with Evan to find our wedding ring was incredible. He’s professional, kind, tenacious, and joyful. His reassurance and skills made our stress flow away and he found it so quickly! Highly recommended!”

Lost Ring Found in Calgary. Making it to 50 years

  • from Cochrane (Alberta, Canada)

On  a Sunday afternoon, Punam and her mom go for a walk. Why is it special?  It was her mom’s first time out in over a year due to Covid. Not long after starting, her mom noticed her ring missing. That started a 2 hour unsuccessful hunt. With no luck, they found me online.  I talked with her husband for a while and it was suggested that we wait until Monday. I was a little pushy and said, “Time is our enemy”.  With lost items, that is very true. So we agreed to do it same day, especially since I told him that there was no obligation if we didn’t find it. With a little time and good information…….we were able to find it.Watch the video for her priceless reaction and an emotional response.

Wedding Ring Lost and Found at School

  • from Cochrane (Alberta, Canada)

Nina called me. Her daughter wore her wedding ring to school. During P.E. she played some frisbee and realized at the end of class that the ring was gone. The teacher was awesome and organized a hunt for it in each of his classes. The ring was never found.

That’s when they called me.  Mom showed me around but it wasn’t until Sophia showed up and explained what happened that I was put in the right area. Not long after, it was found inside the area that she outlined. It is back where it belongs. 

Silver Rings Lost and Found in Calgary. JC Effect 2

  • from Cochrane (Alberta, Canada)



Got a call out on a weekday evening.  His daughter slipped  while climbing an embankment and both of the silver rings her father had given her were gone off her finger. While she was dancing, he contacted me and within the hour, the rings were back in hand. Relief all round. Watch the video for details.

Two Sets of Lost Keys in One Day in Calgary

  • from Cochrane (Alberta, Canada)

February 15, 2021

I received two calls today. The first call came from Natasha. She was late for her massage appointment. She put her keys in her pocket and ran the three blocks. Since I was not busy and lived only minutes away and I told her I would take a look.  I searched the route she took and checked the soft snow along the sides. My gut instinct was that they were most likely picked up.  The more I thought about it, the more likely it was that they were close to home. We headed back and I searched where I thought they would most likely be. While there, the front door of the nearest home opened. A gentleman asked what we were looking for.  Natasha described her keys to him, after which he turned to go back inside and returned with her keys!!! Success sometimes doesn’t come with the detector.

The second call came around 3:30 pm. Ali had lost his keys while sledding down a hill on Friday. It was Monday.  After chatting with him, he had done everything right. From immediately searching, to checking places where someone may have placed them if they were picked up. From what he described and what he did it seemed very likely they were there. We just had to find them. Ali described three places where he wiped out on the sled. Both of us searched the hill in detail. Ali remembered that his brother had videoed some of the runs, including two where he went off to the side and bailed. We watched and were able to narrow down the search areas. After two very loud beer cans, we searched the second crash site.  I mentioned that very often, after searching and checking a variety of signals, I would hear “the” signal. When that happens I stop and stand up.  Moments   later I got another signal. I let Ali dig it.  Sure enough, there they were. Ali was ecstatic.  He stopped and said, “Funny, you just stopped and stood up” .


iPhone 11 Lost in the Snow. Recovered 3 Days Later

  • from Cochrane (Alberta, Canada)

It was late Tuesday night when she left for home. Somewhere between the East Village Condo and the car parked out front a cell phone fell out of her coat. How did she know?  The “Find My Phone” app was signalling it was there. She had gone out looking for it but the heavy snow fall warning came true the next day and covered everything. In the hours between losing it and searching for it 10 cm of snow fell.  Move forward to Friday.  It was time to get a new phone but she was still getting a signal from her phone. In a last chance effort she found and called me. We talked for quite a while. In the end I made her a deal. Since I only lived 8 minutes away and since the phone was still active I would give it a try. If I did not find it, we would leave it as a good effort. No cost whatsoever.  I thoroughly enjoy the hunt and the possibility of succeeding so it isn’t done begrudgingly in any way.  I arrived and met her there. We looked at the app and it still indicated that the phone was somewhere near the front entrance.  The condo complex was 15 stories high and had a snow clearing service. There were mounds of snow all around the entrance where they had cleared the snow. I checked each pile. No luck. What I figured would be a short hunt because of the app, turned out to be longer than expected.  It seems that tall buildings and such make the location more of a suggestion as, even in the time we were there, the phone signal was moving about.  Eventually she thanked me and offered to etransfer me something. I told her “no”  as there is no need to add more on to the pain of losing her iPhone 11.  45 minutes into the hunt she was ready to call it quits. I asked her one more time, which door she left and where her car was parked. She recreated it to the best of her recall but it was fuzzy.  If she took a direct path to the street, she would cross somewhere between the first parked car and the edge of the driveway. I said, “If we don’t find it here, I am going to call it quits.”  I took my detector to it and I quickly got another signal. I used my foot and swept the snow away. There, face down, was her white iPhone. I looked up and she had this look of disbelief. “I can’t believe that you do this for people”.  Her smile sunk. “Its been out here for 3 days. Its probably wrecked”.  She bent down and picked it up. I was going to tell her to take it home and let it warm up slowly. Instead she pushed the home button. It started and lit up. She couldn’t believe it.

We found it, literally, in the last place I looked.  She left with a big smile and a promise she would tell everyone she knows about it. That made me smile.

Thrown Ring Went a Little Farther than Expected.

  • from Cochrane (Alberta, Canada)





On a cold, snowy, wintry night, I was contacted about a ring lost in the back yard.  After chatting for a while it sounded like an easy find. The sound she said it made meant it was either on the deck or just on the other side of the railing.  I arrived and started searching. The deck was most likely but all I got was the same deck screw tone over and over. I moved to the other side of the deck rails. Deep snow and lots of it. Still no ring. I expanded the search area to cover the full yard. Still no ring. Under the deck with a pin pointer. Nope.  I had her test throw a key chain ring. She threw it into the dark. Neither of us saw it go.  A little later I found it on the other side of the deck rails.  I  was confused. The ring should have been there. I cleared a spot with no signals on the brick sidewalk and shovelled the deck snow onto it checking each pile each time. Still no luck (but she had clear deck).  I repeated that with all the snow near the deck rails just in case they were masking the signal.  Still no signal. I must have said it a dozen times.  “This doesn’t make sense. It should be here.”  Expand again. The side walk beside the garage ran along the fence. There was a 12 inch high and 3 inch thick strip of snow along the bottom of the fence. I ran my detector along it and got “the” signal I was looking for. I brushed the snow away and revealed a rim.  I called her over and revealed the rest. What appeared was an engagement ring with a rather large diamond on it.  The wave of relief and tears she shed were real.  What happened in the moment led to regret but eventually relief.  What I figured would be a short hunt lasted close to 2 1/2 hours.  We didn’t quit and thankfully so.


Thank you Evan for promptly coming to my rescue! Thank you for braving the cold for almost 3 hours to find my ring, and for being so patient. I have never experienced that many emotions simultaneously when you finally found it, but nothing else seemed to matter except the joy I felt at that moment.

Lost Engagement Ring Found in the snow

  • from Cochrane (Alberta, Canada)


If you like happy endings, this is it.  I received a call from Dina.

Her son had proposed while snowshoeing outside the city. She shook her hand and the ring disappeared into the snow. While talking with Dina I received a second call.  I told Dina I would need to hear from her son and his fiance. I answered the second call. It was Joyce and she shared with me that her fiance had just proposed while out snowshoeing and she had shaken her hand and the ring disappeared. Unbeknownst to either of them, they both had just contacted me.  We arranged to meet the next day.  After a walk into the woods and a quick recreation, we started the hunt. A few minutes later, a shout started a joyous celebration. Watch the video for the details.

Lost Engagement Ring Found Outside of Calgary

  • from Cochrane (Alberta, Canada)

Dec 31, 2020

Katrina called me about the custom Saphire and Diamond engagement ring she lost while cross country skiing near Turner Valley.  After chatting for a while, we decided that it would be more of a closure hunt (where it isn’t) than a ring find due to the fact that she covered a total of 10 km while skiing. We would check the places where she stopped for breaks.  We searched a lot of area that day.  Four hours later we returned and did a couple of final checks. You always find it in the last place you look.


Metal Detecting a Ring Lost on the Outskirts of Calgary

  • from Cochrane (Alberta, Canada)

Mark contacted me. Found me on Kijiji but used “TheRingfinders.com”  to make sure I was on the up and up.  He was in the backyard with his dogs and when he went back in his ring was gone. His gut instinct was that it fell off when he was throwing the ball.  When I arrived, there was lots of evidence that he had been looking for it already. A big patch of snow had been cleared. His words were, “Before I rented a detector I thought I would give you a chance.” Good choice Mark. I have had several people rent a detector, only to tell me they had no clue what the sounds meant.  I searched the area  with no luck. Then we followed the path back to the back door. I had one tone, which we looked at and moments later another. I love it when I hear the ring’s actual tone in my headphones.  We grabbed the camera for the reveal. Awesome.  Less than a year married, and just back from his honeymoon, Mark is glad to have his ring back and is planning on resizing it.