Lost Ring and Shark Visit - Gulf Shores, AL - FOUND!

  • from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)

I was so tired yesterday that I didn’t even write up the story but the day was totally worth it. The night before I received a call from Angel who was down from Tennessee with her fiancé celebrating their engagement in Gulf Shores. She explained that she had been out in about thigh deep water throwing a football when her ring came off. At least she assumed it was in the Gulf, like most people, she wasn’t aware that it was gone until later that day. I agreed that I would come the next day but it would have to be at Sunrise because I was working that day and would have to find it before then. I pulled into the condo at 5:45am after an hour drive and Angel was already eagerly waiting for me in the parking lot. As we walked down to the beach and she explained where she thought it was, I quickly learned that she is just a lovely person and I said a quick prayer for help finding the ring. I got out in the Gulf and it was just awesome. The sun was beginning to peak over the horizon and the water was clear and calm. I was really enjoying myself and before long Angel’s fiancé joined her on the beach. I was explaining about the need to dig the occasional coin when I saw movement from my right. It was a small shark maybe a bit over 4ft long and he came right up to me about arms length. He just kind of eyeballed me and said hello and I thought that it was a great sign. I proceeded to do my first search pattern left to right with no luck. I then went into super detective mode and scoured the entire area again the other way going North and South. As I was wrapping up about an hour later I started to get worried. That ring was not where they thought it was. I walked up and suggested that we move some of the chairs around and let me grid off the beach. I could see Angel getting really worried so I tried to stay upbeat. When I was done with the beach, I told her that I wasn’t giving up yet so she couldn’t either. I told her to think about other areas it could be while I went back into the water and expanded my search west. I was on only my second pass when I got the unmistakable sound of gold. It was such a good signal that I got their attention and they watched eagerly as sure enough I had it in my scoop. There were so many shells it was hard to see until finally I saw a flash of diamond. I gave them a big smile and a thumbs up. It’s the first time I have had to fend off a couple with my metal detector and back away saying “Don’t hug me, don’t hug me”. 😃 Luckily, social distancing won out and as they hugged each other and cried a bit, I promised that one of these days I might make it up to Nashville post Covid and I would gladly take those hugs. Until then, Angel, I am so glad I was able to help you two out and I wish you all the very best! 💍

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  1. Angel Person says:

    When I lost my ring on our first day of vacation, I was devastated. After hours of a failed search, I wasn’t giving up. I googled how to find a ring in the ocean because I was desperate. We had no idea this service even existed. We were a bit skeptical, but after I spoke to Dave, he calmed my fears. He was so encouraging when I described my ring and I could tell over the phone he was a genuine guy. We agreed on a fair price of finding the ring and a lower price if he didn’t, but he assured me he would find it. He met me at the condo the next morning and I was right, Dave was as genuine as I expected. When he asked if he could take my picture when he found my ring I was even more encouraged. Dave got right out in the ocean graphing out where I thought I lost it. After the first hour, I was getting worried but Dave always reassured me that he wasn’t giving up. After the 2nd hour, I had come to peace with the ring being gone forever. However, God is good all the time and Dave is the bomb. When he motioned he found it, my fiancé and I ran to him in disbelief. If Covid wasn’t here I probably would have knocked him down with a biggest hug ever. Dave is the real thing! Genuine, honest, encouraging, persistent, and created the happy ending for our vacation and an amazing story to tell our friends and family. We hope we will never have to use his services again, but we will sing Dave’s praises to anyone and everyone.

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