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Lost Wedding Rings Friendswood, Texas (Recovered)

  • from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)
3 Lost Wedding Rings Friendswood, Texas (Recovered)


I received the following e-mail.

 Hi john!
Long story short we have lost out wedding rings in the back yard. We bought a metal detector but have had no luck. Is this something you can help with?


I met James and Jasmine at their residence today to look for James wedding ring, and both Jasmine’s engagement and wedding ring.  James said after accidentally losing their rings in the backyard he bought a metal detector at Academy and searched for the rings. James said he didn’t have any luck finding them.

Jasmine said soon after she located  “The Ring Finders” on the internet.

20141105_102449 (2)













 Ring #1

20141105_102516 (2)













 Ring #2 and #3













 James and Jasmine were happy to be re-united with their wedding rings


Equipment Used:

CTX 3030 Standard and 6 inch coil

TRX Pin-Pointer


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John Volek








Lost Wedding Ring Sugar Land, Texas (Recovered)

  • from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)


24kt. Wedding Ring Recovered in Sugar Land 11/05/2013


I received a call from Chetham, regarding his wife’s lost 24kt Gold Wedding Ring at a park in Sugar Land, Texas. Chetham reported he and his wife Nethra were at a gathering with friends when she lost her ring.

Chetham said he and his wife where sitting at one of the picnic tables in the park when her ring accidentally flew off of her finger and landed in the grass near the picnic table.

Chetham reported he and several friends searched for an hour or better on their hands and knee digging through the grass trying to find the ring.

Chetham said after unsuccessfully locating the ring he did a Google search and located the web site

I met Chatham and Nethra at the park today and we searched the area they felt the missing ring would be found. We searched and searched the area in question with no success. I had Nethra perform a re-enactment of where she was standing and what she was doing when the ring came off her finger.

The ring was located 180 degrees in the opposite direction of where they believed the ring would be found.

You can see from the pictures both Chatham and Nethra were very happen when their missing ring was found.















Chethan and his wife Nethra














Nethra’s Wedding Ring


Equipment Used on this Search:

CTX 3030 and Minelab Pinpointer Pro