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Lost 1980 Texas Aggie Ring (found) by Chris Dean TRF, Kerrville, Texas

  • from Kerrville (Texas, United States)

Jeffrey lost his Texas Aggie class ring renovating a 1940’s house. When he searched the web for Metal Detector Kerrville, he was surprised to find the first source was TheRingFinders.com. Jeffrey called me and said he knew he was wearing his ring en-route to the house and felt sure he lost it in the yard while there. On arrival at the house I realized this might be a daunting task as reconstruction was in full swing – building debris, roofing materials, and plenty of workmen everywhere! Jeffrey explained to me what he was doing and the approximate paths he had taken the day the ring slipped off his finger. I was able to search the perimeters of the property but due to the amount workmen around the house I had to return after hours.  Upon return in the evening with my Garrett AT Pro, I was able to detect (along with a lot of roofing nails) Jeffrey’s Gold Ring buried below the surface near where the debris trailer had been. It had certainly been stepped on many times. I called Jeffrey and asked him to describe his ring and then I told him “I found it”. He exclaimed “OMG, I Love You” and then said ” I don’t really love you but I love you!” It’s amazing what people say when you tell them you found their lost ring and even more amazing seeing the smile on their face when you return it, which I was able to the next day.

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