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Lost Ring Sugar Land, Texas (Recovered)

  • from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)

Received the following e-mail:

Hello John,

I saw your info on website. I lost my wedding band this past week and was looking into renting a metal detector in hopes of finding it, but then I found you in a Google search. Would you expect the same payment whether the ring is found or not? I’d be willing to pay $**** if found, but $**** if not for your time. I don’t know if that’d be worth your while, but just wanted to be honest up front about what I’m willing/able to pay. If that’s
reasonable for you, please email me back and we can try to arrange a time to meet at the park. Thank you for even considering!


I met with David and his son at a local park in Sugar Land where they had played baseball a few days earlier. David said, he and his son were throwing the ball and he was pretty sure his Platinum Wedding Ring came off of his finger when he had taken off his baseball glove. David pointed out an area in the park where he and his son had been playing, and then walked the area with me, highlighting the areas he had remembered pulling off his glove.

The search area in the park was about 100′ by 100′ of flat level grass. I was pretty sure this would be a quick easy find, thinking this should be a really low trash area and the ring should be a fast find. Well the park had a lot of false signals requiring me to stop and dig through the grass frequently checking for the ring.

After about an hour, and moving another 10′ outside of the original search area, success a good solid signal. I looked into the grass and saw the ring. I had given David’s son one of my handheld Pin-Pointers to play with, and I could see he was about 20-30- feet away digging in the grass looking for treasures of his own.

I called him over, and asked him to check this  particular area for his Dad’s Wedding Ring. After a few minutes of working his handheld in the grass, the handheld sounded and he found the ring. It was pretty cool seeing David’s son finding his father’s ring. It was a Kodak moment.

























John volek

Equipment Used:


Minelab Pin-Pointer Pro (times 2)