Gold Wedding Ring Lost In Grass Clippings Pe Ell, WA

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)


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Watch the SeattleRingHunter recover a white gold diamond wedding band tossed out with the grass clippings!

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April 2022 Scott contacted me asking if I could do a search for his lost white gold wedding band in Pe Ell,  WA. Scott told me his wedding band was loose fitting so much that he had been using a ring sizer. A few days prior he had been cutting grass. After cutting the grass he went out to dump several bags of grass clippings. Just prior he had noticed his wedding bad was slipping so he did adjust it. He did admit he may have gotten a little distracted in conversation with his brother-in-law. Shortly after making it back to the house and washing up he realized his wedding ring was no longer with him.

Watch this episode of Seattle Ring Hunter Lost Item Recovery to see the recovery of Scott’s wedding band. Never give up hope…

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