Lost Wedding Band Found at Jericho Beach, Vancouver.

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Summer is knocking at the door/beach already! The temperature will be in the high 80’s for the next 10 days and people are hitting the beach hard!

That being said I got a call yesterday about a lost wedding band at Jericho beach, it was lost in the ocean and they looked for an hour with no luck and the young man’s wife came back the next day and spent another hour or more searching at low tide…No luck!

Thankfully the lifeguard passed the young couple my rack card and told them about… TheRing Finders.com

I met Chris at the beach this morning around 9am and he showed me the location the ring was lost at and because I had to wait a couple of hours for the tide to go out he hit the road for a bike ride.

I hunted the beach dry & wet sand for a while and found 7 $2.00 coins and 2 $1.00 coins and some dimes & quarters.

About an hour later I hit the water and found Chris’ tungsten carbide wedding band in about 8-10 minutes at chest deep water.

I love my jog!


The Ring Finders











Chris told me he was married only 8 months and he really wanted his ring back! Yes you can always buy another ring but its not the same! Not the ring you got married with!





Chris’s Ring












Every ring has a story! Contact a member of TheRingFinders.com and you will have a 2nd chance to find what you thought was lost forever!

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Lost ring 2 – St. Augustine – Found

  • from St. Augustine (Florida, United States)

Ring2 ring2c ring2d

Monday evening I heard about a man named Cody who stated his wife had lost her wedding ring at the beach near Island Beachwear Market in Saint Augustine. I  tried to contact him to see if he’d like my help using my metal detector to find it.  I didn’t get a reply right away so I drove to the beach on Tuesday morning and searched a grid area where I thought it was likely that they had been. I cleaned the area of pull tabs,  small pieces of the remnants of beer cans and aluminum foil wrappers but no ring. When I got home I had a voicemail from Cody, he’d found my name on TheRingFinders.com and wanted my help.  I contacted him and we agreed to meet Wednesday morning at the beach. I was close! ( Only about 100 feet too far south the day before.) But today I had Cody with me to show me exactly where he was. I had him show me the point farthest north it could have been and made a nice big line in the sand. I then did the same to the south. My search started between the two lines. On the third or fouth line of my grid search that familiar beep sounded in my ear! Excited, I dug up a carefully selected area of sand into my metal scoop. While gently shaking the scoop I watched the sand slip through the small holes. Then there at the bottom of the scoop was his wife’s ring! That $6,000 dollar  ring sat nestled in the sand for five days before I found it and returned it to Cody. I wish I could be there to see his wife’s face when he puts the ring back on her finger where it belongs.

Help finding lost rings in St. Augustine

  • from St. Augustine (Florida, United States)

Hi! My name is Barbara. I’m a Christian mom who has joined “The Ring Finders Directory” to help people find their lost jewelry.  If you’ve lost something special I know how that feels and I’d like to help you find it.  Your lost item doesn’t always have to remain lost and in most cases the more people you have looking for it the better.

I have helped people find anything from keys, to pet dog tags, to wedding rings and the persons smile and appreciation when I return the item to them is priceless!

I look forward to my next lost item recovery.  May my thorough searching lead to the next smile being yours!

Call me ASAP if you need my help.

You Lost Your Ring in the Bathroom???

  • from Dallas (Texas, United States)

You Lost You Ring in the Bathroom???Lost Ring in the Bathroom????

We received an email from a gentleman named Les, he said that he was changing clothes in his apartment bathroom and when he went to pull his shirt over his head his wedding ring slipped off and hit the floor.  He said he actually heard it hit the floor.  He decided to finish dressing and then find the ring.  Mind you this is a very small apartment bathroom.

Les looked and looked for the ring, he and his wife checked everywhere.  They even had the maintenance men come and move their washer and dryer in the attached room to see if the ring was underneath.  Les lost his ring on his ONE MONTH wedding anniversary.  It has been 3 months since the ring went missing and he found “The Ring Finders” on the internet.  He lives literally 5 minutes from my home.

My wife, Ellen, and I arrived about 7pm not really believing we would have much luck.  Metal detectors are not of much use inside a home let alone a small apartment bathroom.  But Les was so nice and asked us to try so we agreed.  We took our Garrett Pinpointers and our Detection Camera Scope.  Upon seeing the size of the bathroom we knew it had to have bounced somewhere strange.

      In looking at the bathroom we found a small open lip under the cabinet where the kick plate is. It was only a 1-1/2 inch opening that I could not even get my hand into, I got out my 3ft Detection Camera scope and worked it into the slot, nothing at first but on the second side, there in the dark glowing under the light from the camera scope was Les’s Platinum Wedding Band.   I said, ‘hey Les, take a look at my detection screen, is that your Ring?’  He was so excited, he and I had to break loose the baseboard under the sink in order to reach it.  He hollered for his wife, “they found It, they found it!”  Another successful hunt for “The Ring Finders”.

Don & Ellen Wilson

Dallas, Texas

Lost Breitling Watch in the Ocean at Kits Beach, Vancouver BC

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Well this was a first for me in the 18 years I’ve been offering this service here in Vancouver… Two watch searches in less then 24 hours, the first was for a Rolex that was lost in the ocean and I found that one and this search for a Breitling…Both high quality watches and both I have owned back in the day so I understood how hard that must have been on both of them.I received a call from a young man that went on to explain that he lost his Breitling Transocean at the beach a few days ago and he wanted to know if I could help. Time is always a factor and watches are easy to spot so I explained that someone could have already found the watch. Well after seeing the area the watch was lost in I decided to come back at 3am to search the low tide where he thought it was lost at…After setting up my glow sticks  on the shore so I’d have a reference markers to line up with I started my grid search. After 1 1/2 hours in the dark I received a good strong signal and as I looked into my sand scoop I saw the watch! I felt so happy that I found the watch and that I’d get to text him a picture for him to see when he woke up. Thank you very much for the kind reward Aviv!I have the greatest job in the world! I love my Job! Lost something?Call me ASAPYou can watch the video on the link below…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PGJ5o0eYZe0

Lost Rolex Watch at 3rd Beach at Stanley Park, Vancouver…Found!

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

        I got  call and an email and a text message in regards to a lost Rolex Watch at 3rd beach in Stanley Park last night. The young man as you could imagine was pretty upset and found my service on the internet a day after he lost his watch.  He went back with a rake and searched the water but no luck.I called Patrick and told him that low tide was around 4 am and I’d like to meet him at 2am to start the search as the tide was going out.I met patrick in North Vancouver at 2am and we drove to 3rd beach to search for his Rolex. When we got to the beach Patrick showed me the area he thought the watch was at. It was a pretty  big area and the fact it was black out it was hard for him to pinpoint the exact area.I started the grid search with the help of Patrick who stood on the shoreline with a flashlight so I could use that as my reference point…After 45 minutes in about waste deep water we were rewarded with a beautifully  Rolex watch in my water scoop!I let out a yell that got Patrick very excited and when I got to shore I put the watch in his hand… This watch was very special  as he bought it after he graduated from carpentry school 3 years ago…Thank you very much Patrick for the generous reward! I will be donating 15 % of the reward money to Children’s Hospital as I do with all my recoveries.I love my job!Lost something?Call me ASAP!Watch the video of the recovery on the link below… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3R9mzGpf7mc

Lost Silver Chain at Kits Beach, Vancouver BC…Found!

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I receive a call this morning from a young man who told me he lost a very special silver chain that was given to him by his girlfriend. He lost it at Kits Beach in Vancouver the evening of the fireworks.

That’s the worst time to lose something on the beach because after the fire works many metal detectorists will search the beaches all night long. I thought fore sure someone would have already found the chain.

I put out a few calls but no one heard of a silver chain being found on Kits Beach so I called the young man and we set a time to meet at the beach that day.

After about 20 minutes of searching for a parking spot we hooked up and discussed the search area and I told him that our chances where low and he understood.

He took me to the area and I set my grid and started to search, the people around the area were curious and watched as I searched. One pull tab, one bottle cap, one washer and then…Up from the sand hanging half out on my sand scoop was his beautiful silver chain!


Within seconds of seeing the silver glinting in the hot sun people started clapping and cheering… The young man and his girlfriend were all smiles.

I have found lots of rings and things over the years, this recovery made me smile to see how such a young man was so happy to see his silver chain that was given to him by his sweetheart. He told me how much it meant to him and another one wouldn’t be the same…

I Love my job!

Lost something? Call Me ASAP

Watch the video below…


-Video- Chesterman Beach…3 Lost Platinum Rings in Tofino, Vancouver Island…Found!

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

This video is a search for 3 lost rings at Chesterman Beach,  Tofino,  Vancouver Island

Lost Platinum Wedding Band 2nd Beach, Stanley Park, Vancouver

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I received a call late afternoon from a young man who had just lost his Platinum wedding ring. It was lost at 3rd beach at Stanley Park, Vancouver and the tide was coming in fast.

I jumped into my car and drove there and it took me 20 minutes to find parking! When I met Mike he showed me the area that he lost his ring and I started my grid search.

I met the lifeguard who said that I was in the wrong area as the tide had come in and it would be well over my head. I continued searching in hope that the ring was lost closer to shore, no such luck.

Sometimes you can’t find what your looking for and I knew that Mike was sad but I told him that I’d come back for low tide at 3 AM.

When I arrived back at the beach at 2:30 AM the tide was way out, I began my grid search and after one hour I found his platinum wedding band with a dragon on the outside and inscription on the inside.

I e-mailed Mike the good news and a picture of his ring and now its back on his finger.

I love my job!

Thanks for reading my blog!

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Metal Detecting for a lost gold wedding band on Crescent Beach/South Surrey

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I received a call while I was at work, this young man told me the story about how his wife’s wedding band fell off her finger and into the ocean where they were standing. He said that they searched for 3 hours in knee deep water but had no luck in finding the ring.

The night before I was out searching for a young man’s wedding band at 12 AM and I was a little tired as I just switched to nights for work that day.

I listened to his story and I needed to check the tide chart on my Iphone to see when the next low tide was so I told him I’d call him back.

The next low tide was at 7:59 AM…I would be working to 4:30 AM that morning so I had to decide if I could make it out there…I figured I could drive out there after work and get a few hours of sleep then meet him and find his wife’s wedding band and get a few more hours sleep to wait out the morning rush hour, then go home and get a few more hours of sleep then go to work.

I called him back and we were to meet at 7AM that morning for the search. I drove out to the Crescent Beach area and slept in my car for a bit then at 7AM I met Mohumad.

Mohumad explained what happened that day and that he was sure of the area the ring was lost in, which helps a lot when your searching for something so small. He drove and I followed him to the beach, when we got there the tide was out and Mohumad showed me where he thought the ring would be.

He walked to the top of the beach where there was a big patch of seaweed and walked out towards the water and stopped and said this is the area here!

I started my search and within 20 seconds or so I found the ring! It helps so much when a person doesn’t panic and makes a mental note of the area the ring was lost in because it gives me a great chance to find the ring the next day. I had a similar search at a beach years back and it took me close to 3 hours to locate the lost ring.This was because the person didn’t make a note of the area but just pointed and said out there some where…Thanks Mohumad, it was great meeting you and I’m glad your wife has her ring back!

I love my job!

Lost something? Call ASAP…778-838-Find(3463)

Please watch the video below…