Lost White Gold Wedding Ring at Aulani Beach Ko Olina Resort...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a call from Lindsey who was on vacation from Reno, Nevada.  While throwing a football in waist deep water at Aulani Beach Ko Olina resort her husband Jason’s White Gold Wedding Ring flew off and into the shallow water of the lagoon and disappeared into the soft white sand.  She had been wearing his ring for safe keeping.  It was nearly knock-off from work so I told Lindsey I would run home grab my gear and head out to the resort before rush hour traffic.  When I arrived Lindsey came down to the beach and showed me the area to hunt.  There were many tourists on the beach but knowing what happened they graciously let me work.  Lindsey took her son down the beach to see what wildlife they might encounter and she was going to check back with me in a few moments.  I fired up the Manticore and began my grid search.  I just cleared this lagoon a few weeks ago so I didn’t get any targets until a nice solid No. 35 on the beast and in one scoop there was Jason’s White Gold Band in the scoop.  I could see Lindsey was finishing up her walk and Jason had joined her with their two daughters and son.  I yelled over”I got it”  and Lindsey said, Really?”  I showed them the ring and they assured me it was the one.  We took a few pics and I was able to explain the metal detector to the inquisitive children.  Always an opportunity to share the hobby!  Aloha to Jason, Lindsey and their children!


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