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Lost White Gold Wedding Band at Ulua Lagoon Ko Olina Resort…FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began on Sunday March 24th when I got a text from Scott who was on vacation from British Columbia, Canada.  Two days prior, he lost his White Gold Wedding Band in Ulua Lagoon at Ko Olina Resort.  He was playing football in shallow water and building sand castles with his kids along the shoreline.  He sent me some pics of the event so I was able to triangulate the search area.  Initially splitting the beach in half I ended up on the wrong side and that hunt yielded very little and most importantly not Scott’s wedding ring.  On the second attempt there were many people in the water so I aborted the hunt until Easter Sunday morning when the lagoon was practically empty.  On about the third leg of the grid search in belly deep water I got a nice strong tone on the Manticore and in one scoop there was Scott’s ring glistening in my scoop.  I went to my car and sent Scott a picture of his ring with a “Happy Easter”.  Scott finally received his ring this afternoon in Canada and sent me the awesome pic above.  That blooming tree is really special.  Much Aloha to our Northern neighbor Scott!