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The Conclusion Searching For $160K In Three Diamond Wedding Rings Part 2

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)

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Part 2 The Conclusion

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There’s a science behind this is not just Ring Finder as a hobby, who is it is willing to go out there with metal detector all day and just look, it’s a science. It is very coordinated very strategic he maps it out. He has it in regions in sections and zones and then very methodical and then just goes out and process of elimination, eliminates certain regions. Then go back a second time, but will do different strategies or philosophy each time not to repeat the same thing but eventually you get there and it’s like a science. He’s got high tech expensive equipment not just some cheap stuff. Man he has a lot of experience, look at all the amazing reviews and videos.

Watch the SeattleRingHunter in action recovering over $160,000 in tossed diamond rings.

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January 2022 Ed reached out to me asking for assistance in searching for tossed wedding rings during a stressful situation. This is the story of the extensive efforts taken to recover three lost rings.

Hey guys, this is the Seattle Ring Hunter we’re actually out here in North Bend this morning and we’re here with Edward.  Ed will you tell us a little bit about what’s going on today and why we’re out here.

Yeah its just a desperate situation to try to look for three rings the wedding ring, the engagement ring and another nice piece of high-end jewelry ring. Just to be honest with you it was after an epic big fight disagreement you know with my wife and I should not have done this but my mind was not in the right place and then in a fit of rage I never done this before but I grabbed four rings. My personal wedding ring, and then her three rings, and then one by one I came out to the balcony and late at night in the dark I threw them out over my balcony in the deep backyard in the woods. It was snowing three feet of snow at the time and I just assumed I never would see him again you know.

Then, obviously just an hour later, and the next day, you regret what you did. I couldn’t look for it because it was all three feet of snow, so I had to wait another week for everything to melt. The first day it melted where I could have visibly I went out there about five or six or seven hours and I was able to find mine. I’m still missing three. I was out there seven hours I just had a chintzy metal detector and I not an expert. I was  kind of encouraged when I found mine but really discouraged I couldn’t find the others  that are more important. There is no way to remedy the situation with my wife and move on unless I find those. Especially the one is more important than the other two being the engagement ring as far as sentimental value. Until then I’m really really really in the doghouse. So I couldn’t find it real discouraged the next day I have off from work I was gonna come out her again and just keep doing it. We were able to find you on the internet yourself on the The Ring Finders and have so many amazing reviews in different scenarios in situation that we called you.  Now you’re here to help us out. 

I am very thankful you guys were able to find the support and today guys as I said before these a stressful situation so we can maybe one to two or three calls throughout the whole throughout the month you know for people in this situation. If you find yourself in a situation, I just want to say don’t feel like we’re gonna give you a hard time or call you out on it or anything this happens we’re used to this. Everyone is human and so we we think Ed for sharing his story to maybe help encourage others out there that might find themselves in situation. You don’t necessarily have to come on camera but just to let you know we do have opportunities and capabilities to help people in the situation. With that being said the three rings, we are going to focus on that just for a second.  They are pretty substantial rings, they mean a lot to the family for the sentimental value and the whole end result of this is getting them back for the family that’s an an absolutely our priority and our focus on this. They are very nice pieces of jewelry so with that being said they’re not dainty in size we got a platinum and we got some white gold rings out there. They got the diamonds and all that you guys will hopefully be able to see that later on as we make the recovery out here. He did find his wedding band and we’re gonna do a test throw here in just a moment so we can get a trajectory on how he’s throwing. He mentioned earlier that he’s got a little bit of a issue with his arm so he shared a little bit about that so maybe they are not way back in the back fourth but it’ll be over here. This is on a private property so we know that they’re absolutely here on the property so with that very confident that we should be able to get them recovered. With that, let me go ahead and get geared up and see if we can bring all three of those rings back and turn the situation around to a better resolve.

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Metal Detecting Lost Gold Ring Magnuson Park Lake Washington

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)


It was a hot July summer day in Seattle and Mike has applied sun screen all over his hands and arms. Then he decides to take a dip in Lake Washington to cool off when a little wave came by from some passing boats. As he moved his arms through the water off goes his white gold wedding ring! He knows the location tries to search for it but just can’t get to it.

Some internet searching and he finds the SeattleRingHunter and the search is ON!

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