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Petite Gold and Diamond Earring Lost in Beach Sand .. Found with High Tech Metal Detector .. Newport Beach, CA.

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***Kelly had dropped her small gold with diamond earring in the sand while enjoying a family beach party at Newport Beach, CA. This was one of a set of earrings that she had for more than fifteen years. A gift from a special friend and very sentimental to Kelly.

After everybody in their group attempted to find the very small earring. Kelly was given my information by someone who found TheRingFinders directory online.

They were only a couple miles from my home. Parking was provided for me in front of their garage. In the early afternoon it can take an hour to  find parking. I had not questioned them very much on the phone. I just knew it was a small gold diamond earring. I chose to take my XP Deus metal detector with the high frequency coil and a very fine mesh sand scoop. 
I was shown the small 10’x10’ area. This could be a tough one because Kelly told me it was an open earring. Also it could have been buried out of detection range by the others that had moved a lot of sand searching by hand.

It was a few minutes before I received a good signal that could be small gold. YES! Success with Kelly’s earring was in my scoop. Everybody was elated and there were several of the other people on the beach cheered on.

Basically they all just accepted that a metal detector can find earrings in the sand. They don’t know that not all metal detectors can find these small pieces of gold, especially if the earring is open. I know that it wasn’t an easy find. It makes me happy to know I have the best equipment and I have spent hours learning how to be efficient with my state of the art detectors.

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Lost Gold Ring Found and Returned while Beach Metal Detecting at Newport Beach

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If you lost your ring in the sand call  “Stan the Metal Detector Man” available now … 949-500-2136

*** I was detecting on this same beach when I received this phone call . Irena’ s husband, Taras called me after finding me on TheRingFinders directory He told me that his wife had just dropped her Gold wedding ring in the sand while setting up her umbrella at Corona Del Mar State Beach which is actually in the city of Newport Beach, CA. 

He said they were located at a red umbrella just south of the lifeguard tower. It was less than a hundred yards from where I was detecting on the beach. It still took me longer to find the correct umbrella than it
did to find Irena’s precious gold wedding ring.  As it turned out, it was a red and blue umbrella.

When we finally met up, Irena showed me where she felt the ring come off her finger. I set up my detector, backing away to get a few warm up swings. Then it was just a few swings till I quickly dug my first signal which revealed Irena’s yellow gold ring in the bottom of my sand scoop.

They were very happy to have the ring back where it belongs. Now they can enjoy the rest of the day at the beach. It’s always a pleasure to help people like Taras and. Especially when you can and feel the gratitude they have for the help I was able to give them.

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Lost Platinum Wedding Ring at a Local SoCal Beach Found by Metal Detector Expert

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If you lost a ring in the sand Call.  “Stan the Metal Detector Man” available now … 949-500-2136

**** Sean lost his platinum wedding band at a local SoCal beach in the drysand. His wife was upset with him because they both knew it needed to be resized. She had even suggested that he leave the ring at home.

As usual they spent several frustrated hours searching by hand before calling me to help. After hearing that he felt the ring come off and they were still at the location, I told them we had a very good chance to find it with my up to date metal detecting equipment. I arrived shortly after talking to Sean. 

His wife Michelle was still upset, but after a short search we had the ring. Everything changed after I handed them the ring. Another happy couple with their very important wedding ring that means so much to the both of them.

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Surfer Loses Sentimental Silver Necklace at San Clemente Pier, Orange County, CA… Found and Returned Next Day

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If you lost your necklace in the sand call  “Stan the Metal Detector Man” available now … 949-500-2136

* Nick was surfing at San Clemente Pier in South Orange County, CA.   He put his silver necklace into the pocket of his tee shirt setting it with his other belongings near his towel. After surfing he picked up his clothes to walk over to the showers about 50 yards away. 

When he returned to his vehicle he realized that his necklace was missing. His attempt to find it as unsuccessful. He couldn’t return the next day to search as he was working more than 100 miles from San Clemente, CA.

I got a call from Nick just before 11am the next morning. When he gave me a good description of the area of his loss, I was a little concerned because this is the busiest part of the beach. I may have too many beach goers spread out over the search area. Also Sunday night and Monday morning this part of the beach gets hunted by recreational detectorists.

I made the drive to the San Clemente Pier arriving at noon. After an hour of grid searching with my Minelab Equinox metal detector I was able to get broken signal but I sensed it wasn’t trash. One scoop with my sifter produced Nick’s silver chain. He was able to meet me the next day to retrieve his special necklace.

There were several reasons I could have put off searching for this necklace. I’ve learned to not put off starting a search. Try to stay positive even if things are looking very discouraging. Nick was very happy and amazed that we put this thing together using the inter and a single phone call. 


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Lost White Gold Wedding Rings in Water at Baby Beach, Dana Point, CA.

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…. Carlo and his wife were at Baby Beach in Dana Point, CA. It’s a calm little bay inside Dana Point Harbor. His wife was in waist deep water when two rings slipped off her finger. Carlo was able to visually find and recover one of the rings.

He knew it was a higher tide so they got a hotel room for the night and purchased a metal detector from a sporting goods store. He figured that he could find the ring at low tide the next morning. While trying to practice with the inexpensive metal detector he realized that he had no idea how to use the detector.

Carlo found me on a internet search asking me if I could meet him the next morning at Baby Beach. When I got to the location there was another detectorist at the other end of the beach. Right where Carlo showed me the general area of the loss, there were two dig holes. He was convinced that the ring had already been found. I suggested that Carlo ask the other guy if he had found a ring and the detectorist said he had not.

I began my grid pattern just as if no other detector had worked the area. After an hour the ring didn’t show up. Carlo was beginning to think the other guy may have found the ring. I try to not let that thinking interfere with my search. Things were not looking good and I was running out of search area. Even though the tide was very low I decided to go into the water. Ten minutes of gridding in knee deep water I got that special sound of gold in my earphones. One shallow dig with my sand scoop and I had the white gold and diamond wedding ring in the scoop.

Carlo is a big serious type guy, he just lit up with a big smile and gave me a big man hug. He had told me this was the “most important”of the two rings. I thought that I was looking for the engagement ring. He believed the wedding ring was the most important. For the next five or ten minutes he just kept taking photos of the ring and looking at it in a very special way. His wife was waiting at the room where he planned on surprising her when he returned.

I WILL TRY ANYWHERE”… Finding your valuables is important to me .. Call now !  Stan the Metal Detector Man …  949-500-2136